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Archery is just the perfect event for you boys to do on your stag do. It is a great mix of actually being good and just pure blind, dumb luck!
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Archery for Aviemore Stags

Archery is just the perfect event for you boys to do on your stag do. It is a great mix of actually being good and just pure blind, dumb luck! No matter if you are hitting the bulls eye or hitting the tree 20 feet to the side of the target, you guys will be in for a great time here.

Key Features

There is no better place in Scotland to partake in a little archery than right here in Aviemore. This my friends is Scotland at its very best and you really feel like William Wallace (did he even use a bow and arrow?) as you are shooting at the targets. Or if you want to go a bit more modern how about you will feel just like Hawkeye from The Avengers! No matter what, you will feel like a total bad ass when you hit that target for the first time.

One of the things that makes archery so popular is that it’s a sport that is pretty easy to pick up and have an idea of how to do it. At the same time there is also a vast amount of skill involved and those with a steady hand, nerves of steel and those who actually listen to what the instructors tell them will most likely get the best results. I think easy to learn, but hard to master is the best way to describe it. Archery is a sport that is known for having a moron fire the bow with no aim what so ever and somehow manage to hit the bulls eye. In all it’s a sport that is perfect for people of all skill levels. Most of the time you can guarantee that the first bloke to hit the middle of the target will do it by pure luck……. And then never shut up about it for the rest of the stag do!

Archery is a pretty much guaranteed great time no matter where you do it, but the amazing setting here does a great job in setting this place apart from the rest. There is just something so amazing about pulling back on that bow, knowing that you are in the Scottish highlands and that you are going to nail that target right in the middle.

As well as the setting another thing that makes here the perfect place to book is the equipment. You will be using state of the art recurve bows and near indestructible aluminium arrows. These bows are designed to shoot the arrows at a ferocious speed, but they do not require much strength to pull back. They also can provide you with wrist and arm guards to stop you getting scrapes from the arrows.

You are looking at an hour to two hours for your archery session. The more people you have in your group the longer it will take. You will be given a quick lesson on how to use the bows and how to be safe and then you are off to the targets. They do provide all the equipment, but they do recommend that you wear a long sleeve t-shirt or a jumper to protect your arms.

Reasons Why Archery Is A Great Stag Do Event

You can have a fun competition with your mates to see who can get the highest score and win the bragging rights for the night!

State of the art bows and arrows mean this is the best when it comes to archery.

Friendly staff will ensure that you know exactly what you are doing and that you are being safe and still having a great time. 

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