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Here is something completely different as part of a Stag Day. Coasteering on the East Coast of Scotland is outstanding all year round. Do you have the nerve to jump off the sea cliffs?
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Coasteering on the  East of Scotland Coast

Scotland has perhaps the best coastline of the whole UK! And what better way for you and your mates to celebrate the man of the moment’s upcoming wedding, than by putting your physical strength and stamina to the test as you jump, swim and most probably fall as well!

Key Features

There may be some people wondering what exactly coasteering is. Well it’s the chance for you and your mates to traverse the Scottish coast line and see areas that most “normal” people never get the chance to. You will be crouching down to crawl into intriguing coves, running along beaches, climbing slippery rock surfaces and even jumping from crazy heights into water pools. As you can see this is the ultimate stag do event if you guys think of yourself as a bunch of bad ass action men looking to blow off a little steam in a really physical way.

This is not for the faint of heart and you will need to all be of a decent level of fitness to do this event. But those who do take part in coasteering have the time of their lives. All the equipment that you need is provided by the people organising it. One really cool thing is that the people who will be with you have been to these places a ton of times so they will not only make sure that you are going eth right way and doing all the cool stuff, but they also will make sure you and the rest of your stag party are safe at all times.

There are three different areas where you can start your coasteering adventure from.  For Edinburgh Stags,the North Berwick coasteering adventure is really cool in that as well as getting to climb, jump and swim you feel like you are in a movie as part of it is below Tantalon Castle. In Angus the main one that they like to use is outside Arbroath where you will need to enter caves, climb walls and make some pretty bid death defying jumps. In Fife, we have the Elie Chain Walk. The thing that makes this “area” special is that you will be climbing walls with these old school iron rung ladders that are in the rock faces. It is really cool and makes your feel like you are in the movie Pirates Of The Caribbean. The Fife, coasteering adventure is the one you should ask about if you are all new to this kind of thing.

You will need a minimum of two and a maximum of 20 to make a coasteering booking. And you are looking at the better part of four hours from start to finish.


Reasons Why Coasteering Is a Great Stag Do Event

If you and the rest of your stag do like to keep fit then this is a great way to prove how fit you really are.

You get to see some really cool areas of Scotland that not many people get to see or even know exist.

You feel like a big kid as you are always jumping, climbing or running.


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