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A Bar made entirely of ice? True the London Ice bar is the coolest Stag Bar in London. Always packed but entry is restricted to 40mins so you don't freeze your balls off!
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London Ice Bar-Stag Night Venue

I can hear you now saying that there is no way that this is a bar actually made of ice. Well let me tell you this place is what it says it is! If you want a really cool place (no pun intended) to go on your stag do then the London Ice Bar is where you need to go.

Key Features

I am sure that you have seen those crazy places online that are made of ice. You know what I am talking about these ice hotels and the such. Well now there is a bar in the heart of London that is built from ice. No way! Well yes way there actually is and it’s just flat out awesome and I guarantee you will never have had a drink in a place like this before. This is one of the most popular places in London and not just for stag parties either. This is a bar that everyone wants to have a drink at and if you want a special moment on your stag do then this is where you need to be.

Now the idea of the London Ice Bar is that you and your stag party will roll up and you will have forty minutes to enjoy your drink. 40 minutes! Well yes 40 minutes, but you are drinking in freezing temperatures here people so it’s a safety precaution. To make sure that you guys are not freezing your balls off, before you enter the actual bar you will be given a pretty cool looking thermal coat, jacket or whatever you want to call it to make sure you are not too cold.

There are a great choice of vodka cocktails that you can have in your ice glass…… did I just say ice glass? Well yes I did. You will be given your own personalised glass which is really cool and makes the London Ice Bar just that much more unique. As well as having a great selection of vodka cocktails for you to pick from there are also soft drinks for those in your stag party who do not want to get wasted.

Now you simply must book in advance with the London Ice Bar. There is no way that your stag party can just waltz up to the place and expect to get in. It’s crazy just how popular this place is! While 40 minutes may not seem like a long time this is more about the experience so it’s best to see it as a starting point for your stag party. They do have a lounge that you guys can kick back in though so that is a nice little bonus.

Reasons Why The London Ice Bar Is A Great Stag Do Event

You are drinking vodka in a bar that is made out of ice. That really is all that needs to be said. This is something that you will be telling people in your local for years!

A great way to start your stag do at only 40 minutes your stag group has the whole night to party!

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