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With a range of over 30 tapas delicasies to choose from this Covent Garden Spanish restaurant is a great place to start your London Stag Night
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Tapas Meal in Covent Garden

This tapas restaurant, located in Covent Garden is the perfect place for you and your mate to have some drinks and eat some amazing Spanish cuisine!

Key Features

The guys behind this place really wanted to take all the cool things about Spanish dining and the whole Spanish restaurant experience and slap it right in the middle of Covent Garden. Spanish restaurants are known for their, I guess you could say somewhat exotic decor, their warm and friendly and sometimes if you ask me a little bit crazy over the top staff and of course a variety of just amazing dishes that will satisfy the taste buds of even the most fussiest SOB in your stag group. Seriously if someone cannot find something on the menu that has them salivating then just make them stand outside when you guys enjoy your meal.

Now before I start talking about the amazing food and drink that this place has to offer your stag party. Let me talk about the setting. Now I will admit I am normally the kind of guy who rolls into a restaurant, eats, drinks and then rolls back out without really giving it a second though. But this is one place where you really do look around and just think “wow this is pretty cool” and I say that as a guy who is not exactly in love with Covent Garden, but eating here in the middle of all the hustle and bustle does make this restaurant one you will never forget. What you have here is just a really amazing atmosphere that is unmatched.

The food that is on offer here is as I am sure you have expected just flat out amazing! To start things off you have a great selection of little nibbles and bread starters to just tease your appetite. Things such as ciabatta bread with all the extras you would expect in a Spanish restaurant on it and a great salad are a couple of the things on offer here.

Then for your main meal they do something really cool and that is they have their menu spilt into sections. You have From The Field, From The Garden And From The Sea and all of these offer authentic and tasty classic Spanish dishes. So for example if you go for the Field section just a small sample of what they have are Albondigas which is these amazing meatballs in a delicious sauce. If From The Garden catches your eye then try the amazing Huevos Cabreaos which despite its exotic name is pretty much the Spanish twist on chips and eggs! And lastly we have From The Sea here you can try something like the Gambas Gabardina which is based on Madrid King Prawns battered in Sam Miguel. And keep in mind this is just a tiny example of their menu! As well as offering a great variety of food. The menu also has some very nice Spanish beers and wines.

Reasons Why This Spanish Restaurant Is A Great Stag Do Event

The menu is just amazing and really does have something for everyone.

While many of the names of the food may sound exotic or even scary to some people they are manly a Spanish take on stuff you have already probably tried.

It is in a great location and you will be dining in a restaurant with a truly fantastic atmosphere, this is a really great way to start your stag night!

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