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Argo Cat Driving yYou will be driving through deep, muddy bogs and even have to tackle some inclines that will make you think “this thing is going to tip over if I try to take it up there!” You up for it?
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Argo Cat Driving Stag Day Idea

If you want your stag group to drive something as part of your stag do festivities then you need to get behind the wheel….. or joysticks of one of these crazy all terrain amphibious Argo Cat’s.

Key Features

I am sure that at least half of the people reading this, actually probably more are wondering what the hell is an Argo Cat? Well think of it like a little mini tank…….. but without a canon on top. These are all terrain vehicles that can pretty much go anywhere. So let’s say you are driving over some pretty muddy, nasty terrain and come to a river, you are screwed right? Well wrong because these bad boys can go in the water.

What most people say when they sit in one of these is for the first time is first of all “where is the steering wheel?” and then “how the hell do I drive this?” You see these have two sets of three wheels on each side of the vehicle and each set of wheels is independently controlled with its own joystick, lever or whatever you want to call it. So driving one of these Argo Cat vehicles is going to be one of the most challenging things you have ever done. For example if you want to turn the thing around then you need to lock one side of the wheels and then go with the other. Driving these is like some kind of sick and twisted mental test, but at the same time it’s a great deal of fun and I am sure you and the rest of your stag group will have an awesome time.

Set in London, the guys who organise this have created an amazing course that showcases the amazing abilities of these Argo Cats. You will be driving through deep, muddy bogs and even have to tackle some inclines that will make you think “this thing is going to tip over if I try to take it up there!” Well there is no terrain that these cannot handle and you will be certainly putting it through its paces as you go around the well-designed course. Now this is a pretty tight course and with these being challenging to drive there is a limit of only two Argo Cat’s allowed on the course at any one time, but you and your mates can swap and change drivers as many times you like during your booking.

You are looking at an hour total driving time and it’s up to you guys how many goes each of you have. So the smaller your stag group the more turns you are going to get. There will always be an instructor in the Argo Cat with you to give you a little helping hand when needed or tell you to man up and stop screaming, no matter what they will make sure you are taken care of and having a great time.

Reasons Why Argo Cat Training Is A Great Stag Do Event

Argo Cats are just a really cool vehicle to drive and there really is nothing else that I can compare them to other than a tank!

The course has been designed so that you get to see just how much power and how adaptable to any kind of terrain these are.

There is no limit to how many turns you guys can each have during your hour booking.

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