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This top London Shooting Venue offers Stags the opportunity to get their hands on some real shooters without joining a gang or getting arrested. Let off some steam on your Stag Do
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Clay Pigeon Shooting for Stag Dos

Want to shoot a gun without joining a gang or being arrested? Well a great round of clay pigeon shooting is the ultimate way for you and your mates to blow off a little steam during your stag do. So lock and load, blow them out of the sky and then hit the town for a night to remember!

Key Features

Is there anything that makes you feel more like a man that taking down a grizzly bear with a shotgun in the woods? Well you won’t be doing that here, but its close, well maybe not that close, but you still get to shoot a gun! Clay pigeon shooting is a great stag do event for you and your mates. It’s not only a really fun thing to do. It is also a sport that actually requires a vast amount of skill. So there are some serious bragging rights up for grabs here for whoever is the best sharpshooter of your group. One fun things that some stag groups like to do is put a little wager on. Such as the best shooter not having to pay for their drinks.

This is one of the best shooting ranges in the whole country and is only about half an hour from the centre of London. So finding the place is not a hard task at all. Shooting something with a shotgun is just so freaking cool. The rush of blasting something away into a million little pieces like you will get to do to one of the clays is a feeling that is just indescribable. You want to feel like a total badass? Then this is the event that you need to book for your stag do!

But I have no clue how to use a gun! Is something I am sure some of your friends will be saying. But this is not just a case of handing you a gun and telling you to get on with it. You will be given very good instructions of how to operate the gun the right way and most importantly safely. There will always be an instructor on hand to make sure that you are having a great time. And as cool as shooting the guns are the back drop of this place is really amazing. There are over 250 acres of classic English country side and as well as clay pigeon shooting there are other things you can book as well such as quad bikes so ask when you book for some kind of package deal.

Reasons Why Clay Pigeon Shooting Is A Great Stag Do Event

Well you get to shoot clay pigeons with a gun, if that does not sound awesome to you then I do not know what to tell you!

Shooting a gun is something most of us guys dream about, but now you can make it happen, but happen in a safe and controlled manor.

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