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Hovercrafting as part of a Stag day out. This classic British invention makes for a totally madcap driving experience. Great Fun- no brakes - crappy steering- sounds pefect.
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Hovercraft Driving fro Stag Dos

Is hovercrafting even a real word? Ah who cares, all I know is that if you and your stag group are looking for a really fun stag do event then you have certainly clicked the right page!

Key Features

I am sure that if you are reading this you have looked into things like go karting, quad biking and maybe even dirt biking. But hovercrafting? I am sure this is something many people think is only for the rich, but if you are looking for the craziest and most fun way to drive something on your stag do then getting in one of these hovercrafts is the perfect stag do event. Driving, riding or whatever you do on a hovercraft is really unpredictable and that means it’s perfect for a great laugh with your mates.

Being on a hovercraft is unlike any vehicle you will ever be on. I am sure you will have that one mate who despite never operating a hovercraft will be an “expert” and who will tell you it’s just like driving a go kart, but call him a moron and tell him to be quiet. Because there is nothing like gong rally fast just inches above the ground and chances are you not being in any kind of control of the hovercraft. You see that is what makes this such a fun stag do event. You will be giving a quick little lesson on how to operate the hovercraft, but the fact of the matter is that driving one of these bad boys is something that you either pick up right away or that you simply do not get. Which I can assure you will be great amusement to your friends as they see you struggle to take corners and in general have pretty much zero control over the hovercraft. Now I know this may sound like it won’t be fun for the person driven. But even those of you who struggle to pick it up will have an absolute blast here.

You are looking at around an hour for you and your mates to have some fun with the hovercrafts which means. While this is a great laugh it does not take up your whole day. So there will be plenty of time for drinking after. These hovercrafts do have a weight limit and that limit is 15 stone. Only two hovercrafts can be on the course at one time this is to make sure things are nice and safe. Part of the fun of this though is laughing your asses off at your friends trying to drive the hovercrafts.

Reasons Why Hovercrafting Is A Great Stag Do Event

Driving one of these is crazy and unlike anything else you will ever drive.

This is really something that you will remember forever. Think about it how many people do you know who have driven a hovercraft.

With an hour run time it leaves plenty of time for other stag do shenanigans with your mates.


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