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Remember that crazy TV Show- Its a Knockout. Here is your chance to take part in the Stag Day Version- expect giant costumes, foam, water and plenty of laughs
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It a Knockout Event for Stags

Remember that messed up TV show It’s A Knock Out? Where teams would have to do all crazy events to win prizes and in general have a great time. Well what better way for your stag do to have a great time that taking part in It’s A Knock Out! If you want your London stag do to have an event that is over the top and crazy then this is it.

Key Features

A very popular TV show, It’s a Knock Out was one of those shows you would watch and always think that it was something you would love to do. Well now you can! You and the rest of your stag group has the chance to prove you are the manliest of men by beating the other teams and becoming the champions. This is an event where you guys will need to work together and figure out some strategies and tactics for how you guys can put the other teams firmly in their place.

One really cool thing about this is that it’s not just some random guy ripping off the TV show. You see you will be using actual costumes and props that were seen on the show. So you are really getting an authentic experience and not something that feels cheap which is really cool. I am sure that those of you who have seen the show will get a real kick out of some of the stuff that you have seen before on TV.

So what kind of things will you be doing when you take part in It’s a Knockout? Well really we would need a good half hour to tell you everything. But you will have to get in these huge inflatable costumes to do battle, race and see if you can be the last man standing. There are events that will see you blasted to hell and back again with foam water. You will need to use your physical strength and mental wits as you try to traverse the inflatable obstacle courses. In short you never know what the heck is going to be thrown your teams way and that is just a big part of the fun.

One thing that makes this a perfect stag do event is that it is all about working as a team. If you want to win then you simply must work together! This makes it’s a great bonding exercise so when you are in the pub later than night you can all bask in each other’s glory or make the guy who screwed up and cost you the championship get the first round in and be the object of ridicule for the rest of the night. Either way you guys are in for a great time.

You need to have a minimum of 8 people in a team. And this is crucial, you have to be at the registration tent at 12:30. The fun starts at 13:00 and if you are late you will not be refunded for any events that your team misses, so make sure you guys are then on time.

Reasons Why It’s a Knock Out Is A Great Stag Do Event

How often do you get the chance to be a part of something you saw on TV?

A great teambuilding exercise where you will have to work together in order to win!

Obstacle courses, crazy costumes and getting blasted in the face with water are just a few of the fun things you will be experiencing here.

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