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If you have a pretty small stag group and you are looking for a great stag do event that is full of adrenaline, action and high speed then these off road buggies are for you.
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Apache Off Road Racing Karts for Stags

If you have a pretty small stag group and you are looking for a great stag do event that is full of adrenaline, action and high speed police chases through London, then these off road buggies are for you. Well maybe not the high speed police chases, but hey who knows what could happen!

Key Features

I am pretty sure that when your stag group first sees these Apache Off Road buggies that you will think they look like some weird kind of hybrid of a quad bike and a go kart. And you will probably think that it looks fun, but there they are probably going to be no faster than a quad bike. Well let me just tell you this the first time you hit the peddle to the metal your mind will be blown and your pants probably messy as these things are faster than a fat man at a free buffet!

These are twin seaters so you will sit in the buggy with an instructor beside you who for the most part will let you get on with it, but he is at least there if you need to know how to do something like a donut or maybe even a skid. I know I said these are fast, but to put it into perspective these can go from 0-60 in just five seconds. And they are powered by a overpowered Honda engine which means these are light, but they are just so incredibly powerful. It is pretty intense the first time you really let lose in one of these! While they are a lot of fun to drive one thing that is also pretty cool is to be a passenger as one of the instructors drives. These guys are just nuts and will show you what these buggies are really capable of. You can then try and emulate their cool moves!

In addition to just having fun with these there is also a course that you can drive around and have a little competition with your mates to see who can complete the course the fastest. And as this is a stag do I think it’s only fair that the guy who is the fastest get at least a few free drinks on the evening.

This is a pretty small stag do event and they can only cater for a stag group of four people. They may make an exception, but you would have to ring and ask. This activity will last around an hour, but you will be having so much fun the time will just fly by! Now please note that these are at the mercy of the weather and if its hammering down with rain or if your stag do is in the winter then these are not available.

Reasons Why Off Road Buggies Are A Great Stag Do Event

These Apache Buggies are just so freaking cool and despite the small stature they fly like no other off road vehicle.

Its nearly as much fun being a passenger as you get to go on a wild ride with one of the instructors.

As there is a race course it means there is a competitive angle to this stag do event which makes for some great bragging rights long after the racing is done!

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