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Paintballing at its very best at this purpose built site near Gerrards Cross. Choice of 5 exciting game scenarios to challenge even the keenest players.
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Paintball for a London Stag Do

There is no better way to blow off a little steam on your stag do than by coming to London’s number one place when it comes to paintball. So lock and load and shoot that annoying mate of yours right in the ass!

Key Features

Paintball is just flat out awesome and this place right here located just a stone’s throw from Gerrard’s Cross is the best of the best. These guys know that in order to have fun paintballing you need to have some fun games and a great location as well as the latest paintball equipment. Well they have all that here. So pick the teams and get ready for war. There is no better way to pretend you are Rambo or that you are playing Call Of Duty for real than with a “friendly” game of paintball.

This is not some random paintball centre. This site was built for paintball and because of that you are getting the best paintball course layouts you could image. There is kind of a 28 Days Later, post-apocalyptic world style thing going on. With abandoned buildings and even old double decker busses scattered around this wasteland. As soon as you step out onto the course you will feel like you are in an action movie and you will be ready to blow your mates away!

Once you have decided on what the teams are you can see what game you want to play. Here you have a choice of five different game modes. The games will most of the time see one team defending something and the other team trying to take it away. To keep things fresh you have a few different game scenarios to play through. These are Chemical Alley, London Apocalypse, Castle Wolfenstein, Viet Cong Village and my personal favourite Mad Murphy’s Jungle Attack. These scenarios make it just so much more fun and they really do get you into the game more and make you think that the fate of the world…… or at least the fate of your teammates is in your hands.

The way that your team goes about winning the game is up to you guys. Will you have one person who will take charge and set up attacks or how to defend? Will you all just be a bunch of bad asses who go into the battle, guns blazing, a ton of swearing and an ass kicking attitude? No matter what coming up with the perfect way to attack is a huge part of the fun here. And thanks to the diverse landscape you have a ton of places to plan an ambush, make a last stand or even run for your life!

Before you start you will be given a safety briefing and shown how to use the paintball guns. You will be given protective wear, but you should still make sure you are wearing appropriate clothing. You do not want to wear your best clothes here! Also be sure to bring a change of clothes as you will get very dirty!

Reasons Why Paintball Is A Great Stag Do Event

No better way to show your mates who is the boss than by shooting them point blank range in the back!

Five amazing game zones mean that you really do feel like you are in a battle.


You get to use the latest paintball equipment to wage war on your mates. 

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