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London Stag Night Ideas

London is the first place that many stag groups will look when booking their stag weekend. And with good reason, too. As our nation’s capital there is just so much going on in the Big Smoke. This is a city where there really is something for everyone! So please read on to get just a tiny taste of the great things that you guys can get up to in London.

Top three nighttime activities in London

Our Top Stag Night Ideas for London

Comedy Club

£ 18.99
Another great start to a stag night in London at this iconic venue in Camden. Top stand up acts will tell jokes, stories and generally take the piss out of everyone.
  • Reference: PR-9209
  • Min No: 2
  • Gentlemans Tour

    £ 39.99
    A complete stag night out starting off at a Lap dancing club followed by a bar and nightclub tour aboard the London Club Class Bus. Stag heaven if you ask us!
  • Reference: PR-5695
  • Min No: 10
  • Ice Bar

    £ 24.99
    A Bar made entirely of ice? True the London Ice bar is the coolest Stag Bar in London. Always packed but entry is restricted to 40mins so you don't freeze your balls off!
  • Reference: PR-2607
  • Medieval Banquet

    £ 49.99
    Want a real mans night out that includes the best excesses of Medieval banqueting in London and have smoking hot wenches bring you food and drink whilst guys have a sword fight?
  • Reference: PR-9045
  • Min No: 1
  • Nightclub - Opal

    £ 9.99
    Why settle for anything less than one of London's best night clubs on your London Stag Night. With guest list entry you are going to cruise straight in past the unwashed masses!
  • Reference: PR-2245
  • Party Boat

    £ 34.99
    Looking for a great Stag Night idea that is slightly different. Then opt for this party boat cruise with its music, food, alcohol and all round stonking party atmosphere.
  • Reference: PR-3256
  • Restaurant - Spanish

    £ 19.95
    With a range of over 30 tapas delicasies to choose from this Covent Garden Spanish restaurant is a great place to start your London Stag Night
  • Reference: PR-5630
  • Lap Dancing Club

    £ 9.99
    Platinum Lace is the kind of lap dancing Club that London is famous for. It is the best place for ANY Stag Night in the whole of the Capital. Its where the celebs all head for
  • Reference: PR-8197
  • Restaurant - Italian

    £ 17.99
    Delicious 3 course meal in Bella Italia. Includes starters, main course and dessert. Great location in Covent Garden making it perfect for Stag night revellers
  • Reference: PR-10271
  • The best stag night ideas in London

    Man, picking just six places to party in London is really damn hard, but here I have for you some of the best and most highly regarded stag night ideas London has to offer.

    Doing a pub crawl in London is a lot of fun (something I know for a fact) but there is a lot of walking involved, and who can be arsed to do that? This is where the tricked out, badass Party Bus comes into play. You will be picked up and then taken to some of the best bars in London before ending your night at a very popular nightclub. The Party Bus itself is freaking crazy and you will be allowed to drink on board and party with other people who are on there as well. The Party Bus is so awesome that as it is driving past, everyone on the street wishes they were on board.

    London is well known for its big club nights, and that is what a stag night at Opal is all about, my friends. I have been to a number of clubs over the years, and this one – more than any other – really captures what you would imagine a night out in London should be. This is a club that is popular with celebrities so you may even catch a glimpse of someone famous. Hey, if you’ve got the moves then you could even score with someone famous, and be all over the tabloids the next day! Let’s just hope that doesn’t happen to the groom…

    One of the best lap dancing clubs in London (and there are a hell of a lot by the way) is Platinum Lace. I love this club! They are a very upmarket lap dancing club and only hire ladies who are totally sexy in every possible way. I never knew where to look first, as it really was a wall-to-wall feast of gorgeous women. The pole dancing shows that I saw here were incredible! The moves this chick was doing blew my mind so much that I nearly blew something else… Sorry, that was a bit much, even by my standards.

    I’m sure that when you first hear the name Ice Bar you think it’s a ‘clever’ name because of how ‘cool’ the bar is. Well, this name is the real deal as this is a bar actually made of ice! This is one of London’s most famous places to have a drink. Now, because of the sub-zero temperatures, you can only stay here for around 40 minutes, but it’s well worth it. Not only is the actual bar made from ice, but so is the glass you will be drinking from! This is a highlight of many a London stag night.

    Next up I have an event where I had one of the best nights of my life, which is an awesome Medieval Banquet. Wow, did we all have a blast here! You take a trip back in time to the days of King Arthur and the other knights, whose names no-one can ever remember. You will see some live entertainment ranging from two knights duelling it out, to jousting and a jester. You will be eating mutton (and other food of course) and drinking from ye olde tankards! And perhaps best of all, you will be waited on by some sexy beer wenches. This is a great night out and the perfect place to also have your main stag night meal.

    Last (but not lease) I have the Camden Comedy Club, which is a fantastic way to start your London stag night. What is really cool about the Camden Comedy Club is how they have a really fine mix of people you have heard of, as well as giving some up-and-coming guys and gals their big break. Funny stories, a whole heap of filthy jokes, maybe a song or two and of course everyone in the audience is  fair game to have the piss taken out of them. And if one of the acts on stage gets wind of you being a stag group I would bet the chances of this happening are quite high!

    ‘Ello mate, Landan ‘as more for you! (That should be read in a cockney accent, by the way)

    Here are a few more fun, odd and perfect London stag night ideas!

    Perhaps the most famous ‘Gentleman’s Club’ in the world is Spearmint Rhino. With clubs on three continents and decades of experience, this is a club that knows how to make sure a stag group has a great time. There is a stricter dress code here than in most other lap dancing clubs and it’s a bit more high class, but along with that come some of the most exotic and beautiful women you will ever see. If you want to have a really VIP night out in London, then a visit here will give you that VIP feeling as well as a happy feeling in your trousers.

    Next up I have something that may seem a bit weird for a group of blokes, but I can tell you that we did have a great time at the Lucky Voice Karaoke Bar. Not the first choice for a place to go on a London stag night, I know that, but get a few beers in you and you guys will be up there giving it your best Robbie Williams. Or if you are a bit more hard core, some Gary Barlow… No, that’s not right, is it? Karaoke is a fun night (especially when there is booze involved), and even if you have a horrible voice, you will still have a laugh. Hell, I think singing bad is a huge part of the fun.

    One way to see London from a different point of view and still get well and truly pissed is with a voyage on the Party Boat. These guys have a great selection of packages and tours to pick from, but at the end of the day all you want to do is drink on a boat as it sails around London! I don’t know if it was the fresh air or if I’m just a man who can’t handle his liquor, but drinking on here had me, let’s just say, a wee bit tipsy in no time. Seeing London all lit up as you sail on by with your beverage of choice in your hand will sure as hell be a long lasting memory… well, if you’re not wasted, that is.

    Big Red is a tremendous rock bar, but even if you’re not a metal head you will freaking love it in here. From live bands, amazing Tex-Mex style food and a juke box that has the best rock anthems in the whole world. Big Red is a great bar and one that you boys will certainly love. They also have a pool table, foosball and a badass AC/DC pinball machine that I set the high score on… Well, that’s not actually true, I told everyone I was amazing at pinball, but I may have exaggerated my skills just a tad.

    Hitting the right essential London spots

    Ok men, here I have for you a few ‘essential’ places to go, and information you need to have for your London stag night.

    Good eating

    I usually put a ‘fine dining’ establishment here, but instead I am suggesting you go to the amazing, fun and one of the best Hard Rock Cafés in the world. I love this place, and yes – I know it’s expensive, but damn it this is a stag do, and if you cannot splurge now then when can you? This particular Hard Rock Café has some of the most amazing music memorabilia I have ever seen.

    Good food that will not waste your drinking money

    I know better than anyone how hard it can be to find a place to eat that has something on the menu to keep everyone happy. But Bella Italia has never let me down. This Italian restaurant offers a very diverse menu of dishes, ranging from some pretty exciting and wild spaghetti dishes to a plain as day cheese and tomato pizza. Everyone will be happy here and the prices are pretty damn good as well.

    What if i need a taxi?

    Well, as this is London, the good news is that nearly all the vehicles on the road fall into one of three categories: buses, taxis and annoying as hell bikes. So that means getting a taxi at any time of the day is no hassle at all, as there are a crazy number of taxi firms like Swift Cars, who are just one of many companies who offer a 24/7 service in London.

    Dude, my head is bleeding (medical treatment in London)

    Good news for accident-prone people and those of you who think you can scale walls like Spiderman when you’re drunk, London has many places that can get you patched up. There are so many London hospitals that you have to wonder what the hell do people do here, that they need so many hospitals?

     Live music

    The once laughed at and made fun of mess that was the Millennium Dome is now the London O2 arena which sees most of the major music acts from all over the world take to the stage. There is also the Wembley Arena  which also attracts a fair few famous acts. London has an amazing music scene, and there is pretty much a gig going on somewhere every minute of the day!

    A bar to relax in

    If things get a bit much and you need a place to have a quiet drink and just catch your breath for an hour, then the swanky and very relaxed Hollywood Arms has a well-stocked bar, and serves some really nice food as well. It’s perfect for getting your breath back, having a wee rest and getting ready to hit the pubs and clubs of London again.


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