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  • Scotland's No 1 Clay Shooting Ground

    This has the potential to be the best day of your life

    This is as good as it gets on a Stag Day out- Clay Pigeon Shooting. You will be blown away by this  venue and by the brains and personality behind it- Paul. Paul and his team live and breathe shooting and are passionate if not a bit nutty about guns and all things to do with firearms. It is not only an amazing experience it is also great fun. It is in a near perfect location on the western approaches to Edinburgh. Easy to get to by car or let us organise a mini bus to transport you- even better! 

    One word of caution though, this top facilty is in great demand and the best time slots are booked up months in advance- so don't be a bunch of twats and leave booking until the last minute- BOOK EARLY!

    What you Get

    You can expect to have one of the best times out with all your mates. Clay pigeon shooting is a sport formerly restricted to the landed gentry and  still has that exclusive feel about it. This range has been built to the highest standards with a total investment of over £500,000. There is even a clubhouse where you can grab a cuppa and a snack.

    The Instuctors are there to instruct AND to keep everyone safe. Remember these guns are designed to kill. In the initial stages, relatively easy targets will be launched so that everyone gets used to the powerful recoil as well as the amazing surge of adrenalin. Watching that target explode into a miilion bits will be a memory that you will never forget.

    As confidence grows your instructor will progessively introduce harder and faster targets to extend your sense of achievement. The whole  event soon becomes highly charged with no one wanting to miss a single target and lose those all important "Bragging Rights".

    Expect to shoot at about 25 targets and spend about and hour to 90 mins depending on your group size.

    Other Considerations

    • This is an outdour activity that takes place 52 weeks of the year. Wear suitable clothing and shoes for the outdoors.
    • Daylight is a great buddy, so the events begin as early as 10AM, be sure to get there on time!
    • DO NOT expect to shoot if your are stinking of booze. The instructors decision is final.
    • >In the winter months last shooting time slots are between 1 and 2pm- You cannot shoot in the dark!


This is an exciting new adrenalin game, mixing archery and dodgeball together, where players get the chance to shoot each other with specially designed arrows.
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Archery Tag

This is an exciting new adrenalin game, mixing archery and dodgeball together, where players get the chance to shoot each other with specially designed arrows. It is a strategy game.

Get the scoring sequence wrong and you may hit all the cones and end the game, but the opposition could outscore you

Running Order

Groups are required to arrive 30 minutes early for registration and safety briefing.

Two teams of equal players face off across a purpose built field layout. Each team has 5 specially designed bunkers made by 5 target cones that are placed in front of each bunker, each holding a ball.

There are several objectives to the game. The scoring is very simple! You will get 30 points for an eliminated player and 50 points for a targeted cone.

Each game will last for up to 10 minutes, where the scores are added and the teams swap ends.

There are two umpires each responsible for a half zone of the field. The two teams are separated by a red zone, that no one can shoot from within.

If a player catches an arrow, they can bring one of their eliminated players back in to the game.

The game ends when either, all team members are eliminated, all 5 cones have been hit or time runs out. The umpires have a scorecard for each game and will record the points.

A match is made up of 5 games. If there are numerous teams, then it is run as matches where the winning team moves through to the next round, so there will be an eventual winner.

All players start on the baseline. On the whistle all players run forward to retrieve their bow and arrows, from the red zone. No one can shoot in the red zone where the bows and arrows are placed.

Each player grabs the equipment and retreats to their arena area. It is then game on.

Minimum group size of 10 people

Minimum age is 16 years old 

Each player will get:

  • Bow
  • Arrows
  • Arm Guard
  • Finger guard
  • Coveralls
  • Protective goggle

You just need to bring good outdoor shoes

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