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Raft Building is hilarious for any Stag party in Aviemore. Construct your raft from poles , ropes and barrels and then climb on board- will it float or will it sink?
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Raft Building for Stags

One way to really cut loose and have a ton of fun on your stag do is by having a raft building competition. This will let you put your design skills or lack of said skills to the test. See who can build not only the coolest looking raft, but on that can actually survive a voyage at sea!

Key Features

Aviemore has a vast amount of different things that stags can do, but none are as crazy, fun and inventive as this raft building adventure right here. This is literally what it says on the tin! You and your fellow stags will be tasked with building a sea worthy raft. This is just a great day out and something that you will be able to laugh about in the pub afterwards.

Your raft building adventure will take place on a private pond. The pond has a clubhouse where you can get a drink before and afterwards and there are also changing facilities. So make sure you bring a change of clothes and then you can get dressed into some nice dry clothes as soon as you have finished. Trust me, you will get very wet!

Your stag group will be split into teams. Depending on how large your group is will depend on how many teams there are. Usually its two teams, but if you have a really large stag group then you will be split into three teams. You will be given a ton of stuff such as big plastic drums, rope, wood and other things as well. It’s now up to your team to decide how to build the ultimate raft. Now this raft needs to be able to carry you all across the pond! Will you work as a team? Or will you have a leader who will instruct everyone? Each team will have their own way of going about building their raft.

Will you decide to build a pretty straight forward looking raft that goes for substance over style? Or will you just go balls out and make something crazy and exciting that if it works will be the ultimate raft, but will most likely end up at the bottom of the pond a soon as the race starts. Yes that is right there will be a race! So there is a real competitive edge here. It’s one thing making a fun raft, but you still want to beat your mates at the end of the day!

You need to have at least 6 people in your stag group with 18 being the maximum amount. It will be about two hours of fun for the whole experience. And you will all be provided safety equipment, but you need to make sure you bring a change of clothes. The clubhouse is right next to the pond so once you have finished you can grab a bite to eat here as well. The times you can book are between 09:30 and 15:00

Reasons Why Raft Building Is A Great Stag Do Event

Put your “engineering” skills to the test as you and your mates build the ultimate raft!

Only one team can win! So you can create a hilarious forfeit that the loser has to do.

With a clubhouse next to the pond you can grab a bite to eat and have a drink once you are done.


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