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Stag Night Ideas Aviemore

You do not come to Aviemore for the nightlife, you come for all the cool stuff you can do during the day. But that doesn't mean you can't have a pretty wild time here in the Highlands. Sure it’s no Edinburgh, but I have more than a few places for you fine gents to get drunk in, see some boobs and in general enjoy one hell of a Highland piss-up after a hard day doing some bad-ass activities in Aviemore.

Top three nighttime activities in Aviemore

  • The Vault nightclub
  • Italian meal
  • Super Panther bar

The best stag night activities in aviemore

Here I have for you guys the most popular night spots in Aviemore. Looking for drink? Food? Dancing and women? Then you'll find all that right down below!

Our Top Stag Night Ideas for Aviemore

Italian Meal

£ 17.99
After you have come all the way to the Highlands of Scotland, we are now recommending this Italian Restaurant- Why?- because it is the best in town!
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  • Min No: 0
  • Restaurant - European

    £ 19.99
    Get your mates together and head out for a great 2 course meal - chance to catch up...
  • Reference: PR-11241
  • First up is the most amazing nightclub in Aviemore, The Vault! Actually, this is the only nightclub here, but don't start bitching and moaning about it. You see, because this is the only nightclub, that means that this place is jam packed with ladies! So if you're one of the single guys on this stag night then there are plenty of opportunities to score! The club itself is pretty cool, nothing too over the top, just a good place to have a few drinks and party.

    I know better than anyone that after a stag day in Aviemore, the last thing you will probably want to do is stand up at a bar all night! Well, a nice meal at La Taverna is a great way to be able to kick back for a few hours, have some damned fine Italian food and also have a few dozen beers. They have a really cool pasta buffet here and tonnes of pizza options as well. Nothing better than sitting with your mates, a plate full of food, some nice beer and taking the piss out of each other. Who knows, you may even get a second wind and be able to hit the Vault nightclub after relaxing here for a couple of hours.

    One of the best places that I went to was Super Panther. This is a really cool bar and one of the best ones that I found during my time in Aviemore. What I loved about this place was that they had a wee bit of everything going on here. It’s not a typical, Scottish bar by any means (hey, no disrespect – I love a good Scottish bar), this is like a bar you would find somewhere in Europe like Spain or Turkey. They have great tunes, some nice food and they also have amazing theme nights here. They quite often run an 80’s night which is just perfect for a stag night. So dress up like Maverick from Top Gun, B.A. Baracus from The A-Team or just wear your normal clothes and pretend to be Sloth from the Goonies (just kidding, I'm sure you're a very handsome guy) or dress up as one of your other 80’s favourites.

    If you want to do the whole “authentic” Scottish thing after one hell of a hard day in Aviemore, then one great wee local is Mackenzie's Highland Inn. After a day doing some of the amazing stag day activities that are on offer, propping up the bar with a good pint of some fine Scottish ale is a great way to top off a perfect stag day! The locals are all really friendly (although I'm sure you'll get a few strange looks!) and if you're hungry they also offer home cooked food as well. While it may not be a jumping party, you can still get well and truly pissed here!

    You know, just because you're in the Highlands does not mean you can't hook the groom up with a sexy strip show. There's a good selection of hot ladies who will come to your hotel or a location of your choice (make sure it’s cool with the venue before you have a chick start taking her clothes off there)  If you want a relaxing way to… well… relax, what better way than by watching a sexy lady do her thing! It may not be a lap dancing club, but this is still one hell of a show! And if you ask me, boobs are boobs, and where you see them really doesn't matter.

    I know how freaking knackering it is having an Aviemore stag do! So, while in theory going on a pub crawl sounds like a good idea, chances are no-one can be arsed to do this. But one place where you can have your whole stag night in one location is the Cairngorm Hotel. First of all they have a restaurant here so you can all have a nice meal before heading to the bar to start pounding down the beers! They also have some live bands playing here from time to time, so it’s worth seeing if they have anyone playing while you are here.

    Hang on a sec… Here are a few more places to go on an Aviemore stag night!

    Sure, there is not a huge nightlife scene in Aviemore, but just because I want you guys to have the best time possible, I have a few extra places to tell you about that I'm sure you will love!

    Another top notch pub here in Aviemore is The Winking Owl. I'm first to admit that I have the worst singing voice on the planet (although I'm still better than half the people who go on X-Factor), but after a few beers and some encouragement from my mates and the locals I was kicking ass at the Winking Owl’s karaoke night! Well, the whole night was a bit of a blur, but that just means I had one hell of a great time here.

    A stag day in Aviemore can last a really long time, but if you guys are (and most probably will be) freaking starving in the evening, then one place that still has their main menu up until 9:30pm is Anderson's Restaurant. The menu here is cool in that they have things like fish and chips for the more basic eaters, but they also have some more “exotic” and fancy food here as well.

    Now, please don't think I'm mad for suggesting that on your stag night you guys should go to The Hilton. But by coming to the Aviemore branch of the Hilton, you get the chance to make a sex tape with Paris Hilton! Only joking, I know no one wants to do that. Anyway, this place is just freaking awesome. They have a few different places inside, my favourites being their badass American Diner where you can chow down some burgers and other food that will give your heart a good workout! Plus they have a chill-out Woodshed Bar where you can sit in front of an open fire with a beer.

    While technically it's not actually in Aviemore, the Pine Marten Bar offers a really good and remote drinking experience. This is the kind of bar where in a horror film a group of people go out one night, get lost and end up in this small, remote, woodland bar... They are having a great time before a maniac breaks in and wastes everyone. Now, I'm not saying that a few drinks here will lead to you guys having to fight off serial killers, monsters, zombie haggis or even Nessie, but make sure you keep your eyes open! But seriously, this is just a cool bar where you can have a few pints and meet some “interesting” locals.

    Essential Aviemore stag night information!

    Here I have for you a wee guide that I think will help make your night in Aviemore run nice and smoothly.

    Where to go for a swanky main meal

    I know that as a treat you might want to eat in a nice upmarket place. Well, The Rowan Tree Hotel offers a really nice, fine dining experience for you guys. This is a really nice place. The kind of place a group of guys go to with the best of intentions before being asked to keep the noise down. An amazing food menu makes this the best place to come for a “special” meal.

    Cheap eating

    If you do not want to spend loads of money on food but still want to be well fed, then I recommend eating at Pizzariach. Now, as I am sure you've guessed, this is a pizza joint where you can either come and sit down or take your pizza with you as you go on a pub crawl. They have a great selection and it's cheap, which is always awesome as it means more money for beer or more money to pay for the stripper!

    Late night taxis

    If you stumble out of a bar in the early hours of the morning and either cannot be bothered to walk or have forgotten the way, then call Aviemore Taxis, who are the only 24 hour taxi firm in the area. 

    Emergency room

    A lot of booze and the Scottish Highlands is a combination that on more than one occasion leads to the need for a wee bit of medical help. Luckily there's the 24/7 Aviemore Medical Centre, where you can find someoneto get you patched up. 

    Live music

    Aviemore does not have a proper venue for live music, but The Old Bridge Inn is well known in the area for having live bands many nights during the week.  Mostly its good, old-fashioned traditional Scottish music, but on occasion they do have other types of bands playing here.

    Chill out activity

    Lastly, I want to share a place where you guys can just relax! A stag night should be fun, but I do know that a wild party is not for everyone, so with that in mind I have for you The Cas Bar. In front of the open fire  you can all sit with a few beers, glasses of wine or whatever – the ultimate way to relax on a stag night in Aviemore.


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