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Saturday night is Comedy night. Top Stand up comedians will have you splitting your sides with laughter from the outset.
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Comedy Show in Birmingham Saturday Night Ticket Only


A Birmingham stag night will be full of a lot of laughs that is pretty much a scientific fact (I did the research myself) you guys will be having a great time and laughing all night. Well one way to have even more laughs is by coming to this epic comedy club on Saturday night! Saturday night is comedy night and you boys will be laughing your asses off!

What To Expect:

You can expect to see some top of the line comedians taking to the stage here putting on just an amazing night of comedy for you boys. Of course when your Birmingham stag weekend is will depend on who the acts are, but they book nothing but the very best when it comes to comedians here. So no matter who is on the stage, you know that they are going to be awesome! The biggest thing to expect from an evening here is that your sides will literally be sore from laughing.

What Will Happen:

This is just top of the line comedy in every regard. A typical night of comedy here will see three acts on stage during the evening. Now these acts will vary, but I am sure you will get a great mix of funny jokes, hilarious stories and maybe even the odd dirty song or two! Your evening will be just a riot from start to finish and by the way in between the main acts they have their very own MC who not only stops there being any dead air, but they will also keep the jokes flowing.

Your evening here will also be pretty alcohol fuelled as they do have a bar here, but try not to get to rowdy as they will kick you out if you are disturbing the show. But by all means have a few beers as you are enjoying the show. The jokes will be funny…… but everything is just a little bit more funny with a few beers in you. They also serve up some food here as well so if you do arrive nice and early then you can have a bite to eat. This is great as it saves wasting any of your Birmingham stag night looking for a place to eat. You can just come here before the show and enjoy the good, pub style food that they have.

So your night could go like this you gents arrive nice and early. Enjoy some food, have a few drinks and then take in the show….. then you leave right?...... well no, you see once the comedy show is over this place does not just kick you out! They actually turn the place into a fully functioning night club playing all kinds of big tunes and cheesy classics as well! You literally can spend your whole Saturday night here and not need to go anywhere else! For you guys who do not want to spend most of your Birmingham stag night walking or in taxis this is just bloody perfect.

By booking your tickets early you guys are getting some pretty awesome things included with your booking. You will each get a free drink, a multi course meal and of course the show. So be sure to take advantage of this and book as early as you can so you are not disappointed.

What You Need To Know:

You really are getting an incredible night of live entertainment here add into this the food, booze and the after party and you really do have a great place to go on Saturday night. But to make your life a little easier, we have the things you need to know right down below.

Clothing: Smart casual is the way to go here my friends. So just make sure that you are all “presentable” and that you are not wearing trainers and you will be fine.

How You Should Behave: Look this is a comedy club so you are expected to have a lot of laughs and be pretty rowdy, but they have a zero tolerance policy on heckling. They do not charge a “good behaviour” bond like some other clubs do for stag groups, but they do have a three strikes and you are out rule. So by all means come here, have a fun time, laugh and clap, but be respectable.

How Many People Can Come?: This is a pretty large club and as long as you book early enough, you can bring as many of your mental mates here as possible!

What Time Should I Arrive?: The doors open at 19:00 where you can come and have a few drinks beforehand. You will be seated at 20:00 where you can then enjoy your meal and at 21:00 the comedy show begins. The show will last a couple of hours and once it is done you guys can stay for the after party!

More Info for your Stag Group:

Included :

  • Drink (Alcoholic) on Arrival
    Free Alcoholic Shot or Shots
    2 Course Meal
    3 Course Meal

Minimum Age :

What You Need to Bring :

Activity Duration (in minutes) :


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