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Here is an opportunity to experience the country sport of Clay Pigeon Shooting. It is exhilirating, competitive and great fun. Go Posh- Go Clay Pigeon Shooting
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Clay Pigeon Shooting Stag Do 

Head out into the country, smell the country air and then blow the hell out of some clay pigeons. Here is the real manly, man’s Birmingham stag do activity. Clay pigeon shooting is a real classic when it comes to exciting and awesome activities us guys like to do…… plus you get to use a real shotgun….. that my friends is awesome!

What To Expect:

Awesomeness!!!! That is the first thing you need to expect when you come here. This is the type of activity that is going to make your whole stag group be just excited like a school girls going to a One Direction gig. Your day here is going to be a lot of fun and a major highlight of your Birmingham stag weekend. You can expect a fun day, but also a day that is really competitive and you guys will get to compete with each other and there will be a winner at the end of the day……. And a guy who comes in last place of course. There will be a lot of banter, jokes and good times here.

What Will Happen:

Once you have arrived you will be taken to the shooting area by your highly trained instructor who will first of all give you a safety briefing. Now stop groaning people, you will be handling a shotgun so they have to make sure you guys know how to be safe…… and are not total morons who are going to shoot their toe off! He will first of all show you guys the right way to handle the gun, load and in general do everything you need to do before you actually shoot. Once you all have an idea how to handle the gun safely and properly it is one to the next part of your day.

Next up you guys will all get to take some practice shots. This is a lot of fun and will help make you  bit more confident handling the gun and also gets you used to just how much kick these guns have. Let me tell you guys, you better prepare yourself the first time you fire off a round as it is pretty damn powerful! Anyway you guys will get to have quite a few practice shots and your instructor will take the time to teach you boys the right way to shoot so you will have the best chance of taking down those clays.

Once your practice session is done, you guys then will get to try and shoot down 25 clays each. Your instructor will be with you at all times so if you absolutely suck, he will be more than happy to give you some pointers and help you out. When you take down your first clay pigeon and you see it blow up in front of your eyes, you really do just want to yell “HELL YEAH” because you feel like such a total badass! Scores will be kept so by the end of your session there will be no doubt as to who the best shooter in your group is. The cool thing about this and what makes it such a great Birmingham stag day idea is that even if you do struggle with hitting the clays just getting the chance to use an actual shotgun is pretty damn cool.

What You Need To Know:

Clay pigeon shooting as you have just read really is a freaking amazing day out and will be a great activity for your Birmingham stag do. But here is the need to know information that you boys need to know.

Clothing: They say that you should wear some nice and warm clothes if the weather is a little cold as you are out in the elements. But truth be told just wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. If it is raining though make sure you have a water proof coat or something.

How Long Does It Last: Is a question many woman ask, but I do not think they are talking about clay pigeon shooting. Anyway the average session will last an hour and a half where you each get 25 clays to shoot. If you have a smaller group of say under five guys then it last about an hour.

What About The Weather: Well this is an outdoor activity, but the guys here seem pretty cool with still getting out there if it is cold, windy and not a very nice day. Of course if the weather is really extreme like snow or really heavy rain then it may be cancelled.

How Many People Can Do This?: They can handle a good number of people, but please note that the more people you have the longer the activity will take. But they are cool with taking pretty large stag groups here or even really small ones. 

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