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Experience the rough and tumble of outdoor karting in the super aggressive rage karts followed by a high speed indoor race karting afternoon
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Indoor & Outdoor Karting Combo Birmingham


We have been hard at working making sure that we only offer the very best when it comes to Birmingham stag day ideas and right here we have this epic combo that offers you the ultimate day of racing action! For you guys who love racing, video games or just to have an awesome time in general…. Then this amazing racing package is sure to be a highlight of your stag weekend!

What To Expect:

You can expect a hell of a lot of fun that is what you can expect! But being serious this is a combo deal where one part will see you boys racing outside on these amazing off road go karts. They are kind of like a cross between a quad bike and a go kart. But before you have had some fun tearing it up outside, you guys will be heading on over to one of the best indoor go kart tracks in the UK! Here you will get to show off your driving skills as you try to be the one who is the winner at the end of the day.

What Will Happen:

Your day will start with you gents gong to the indoor go kart racing track. You will be given a quick little safety briefing….. do not worry it will not take too long and you will be getting you racing gear as you do this so it is not that boring. Once you are all kitted out in your amazing racing gear, you guys will get to have a few practice runs so that you can get the hang of the go karts. From there the first part of your F1 style racing experience starts as you guys will be taking part in the Grand Prix Heats part of the race. This is fast, intense and a hell of a lot of fun and the idea is that you will be racing as fast and as good as you can to see who will make it to the grand final!

That is right there is a grand final and this is where you will have the chance to show that you really are the best damn driver in your group! While this is all about fun more than a few stag groups have gotten super competitive when it comes to the final! Once the final race is all done there will be a fun prize ceremony for the guy who comes in first.

After this you boys will have about an hour to go and have some lunch. If you want, catering can be provided here before you head on over to the outdoor track! The outdoor section of your day is perhaps the most crazy, driving action you guys will ever do! This again is a competition and these karts…. Or Rage Buggies are they are called are just freaking crazy. The power, speed and the way they handle feels more like a car from a video game than an actual vehicle.

Racing these is a little bit different as it is all time trial based. You guys will be taking part in three different heats to see who can race the fastest and make it into the final race and see who is the best driver. It can take a little while to get used to these bad boys, but just driving like a maniac and seeing how cool these things are is a lot of fun….. and honestly no matter if you come in dead last, you will still have an amazing time here. Like with the indoor go karting there will be a prize presentation for the winner here as well.

What You Need To Know:

Here is some essential, need to know info about this amazing combo day of racing action!

Clothing: Wear clothes that you do not mind getting dirty and sweaty! You will be wearing proper racing gear when you do the indoor racing, but the outdoor racing you will want your old clothes on….. especially if it is a little bit wet can see you get very muddy. Bringing a change of clothes actually is not the worst idea in the world!

How Long Does It Last?: This is more or less a full day of action! You are expected to arrive at the indoor track at 10:30….. make sure you are there on time at the very latest! Your indoor go karting part of the day will be done by about 12:15-12:30. You then can grab a little lunch before heading over to the outdoor track at 13:30. Your outdoor racing will last until about 15:15-15-30. So as you can see this is a package that will last you a whole day which makes it even more of an incredible deal.

What About The Weather?: The weather has no effect on the indoor racing at all. The outdoor racing on the other hand is a different story . A little bit of rain actually makes it even more crazy! If it is blowing a blizzard or the rain is really bad though there is a slim chance it may not be on.

How Many People Can Do This? They like to have a minimum of ten people in a stag group and they can accommodate larger groups, but this may affect how long the day lasts and people may have to take turns.


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