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Laser Clay Shooting incorporates all the fun and exhilaration of Clay pigeon shooting but without the recoil and painful shoulders
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Laser Clay Shooting Birmingham

You boys can lock, load and get ready for an awesome day (or night) of laser clay shooting. A Birmingham stag weekend simply must have at least one activity that is so many it will put at least three inches of hair on your chest by the time you are done. And you certainly do not get much more manly (well fighting a bear is close) than a day of laser clay shooting!

What To Expect:

Laser clay shooting is an activity that first of all is just about you boys all getting together and having a hell of a lot of fun. There is guns, laughs, good times, dirty jokes and no women to nag you or to tell you to stop having fun! The staff here are an absolute riot and as well as showing you the ropes and keeping score they will make sure you guys have an awesome round of laser clay shooting!

What Will Happen:

Upon arrival you each will get the chance to have a little hold of the shotgun…… that is right this may be called laser clay shooting, but you still do this with an actual, real life shotgun. The instructor will teach you guys how to hold the gun properly and give you some advice on how to have the best chance of hitting the clays. It really is not that hard to learn the basics as you are not using live ammunition. Also because of this the guns have less kick so there is no chance of you throwing your shoulder out…. Or blowing your own toe off which let’s face it any activity you can walk away from without having shot off one of your toes is a successful one!

The shotguns you use started life out as a proper shotgun, but they have been converted to shoot lasers. These lasers are very accurate and the clays that you will be using have sensors and can tell you if you hit or miss. Before the actual competition starts, you each will get the chance to have a few practice goes so that you all have a fair chance and then once everyone has the hang of it, it is time to see who has the steady hand and who can hit the most clays. In many ways a round of laser clay shooting feels like you are playing some kind of arcade shooting game. Your scores will be kept track of so there can be no cheating here! At the end of the day a winner will be crowned and it is only fair that you hook the guy up with a couple of pints.

While this is an amazing Birmingham stag day activity it is worth noting that the guns, the clays…….. and possibly the instructor glow in the dark! This means you can actually do this activity when it is dark. When they are all lit up it feels more like you are shooting down little UFO’s! One thing that is worth mentioning is that many stag groups love to mix their day of laser clay shooting with some kind of driving activity. Quad biking through the woods, off road driving or something like that compliments a day shooting lasers at things very well indeed.

What You Need To Know:

Here we make sure you know what you need to know so that you show up here ready and by ready we mean ready to kick some ass!

Clothing: You can pretty much wear what you want here so wear what you feel comfortable in and go with the flow. There will be a fair bit of standing about so if it is cold bring a jacket because no one wants to hear a grown man cry that he is cold. If you are some kind of hipster then you might want to leave the scarf at home though as these have been known to interfere with the gun.

How Long Does It Last? The usual round of laser clay shooting will last for about an hour and a half and this includes your “training” be sure to get here 15 minutes before you are due to start. This gets you checked in, briefed on what is happening and so on. Showing up late may see your session cancelled.

What About The Weather?: It is very rare that a round of laser clay shooting gets cancelled (another reason why it is a popular Birmingham stag weekend activity) but if it is blowing a blizzard or sever rain then it may be cancelled.

How Many People Can Do This? The people here are pretty awesome and they can handle very large stag groups so if you do have a monster of a stag party with say 20 plus guests then they will fit you in, but you will of course have to take turns. They do also have a minimum requirement of four people to make a booking here. 

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