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Do you reckon you have what it takes to power through the qualifying races at this off road karting venue in Birmingham to make it to the final six?
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Off Road Karting Birmingham

If you are looking for something that is a little bit more extreme and badass than a regular day of go karting. Well hell son, we have the perfect, Birmingham stag weekend activity for you….. Off road karting. These are not your little brothers karts, these bad boys have some serious power and flying around this off road track is going to make for one awesome time!

What To Expect:

If you are expecting a day of off road karting to be just like what you would get from a day of go karting then man are you in for one hell of a shock to the system! This is for you guys who love to raise a little hell and who are looking to make sure this stag weekend is not only giving the groom one amazing last weekend of freedom, but also that it is different from all the other stag weekends! You can expect to have one awesome day when you come here to race these karts that is for sure!

What Will Happen:

When you first arrive, you will all no doubt have these big goofy smiles on your face as you check out these karts. They look like something from the Mad Max movies! They just have such a cool look to them. It is almost like a go kart took a load of steroids and then started hitting the gym like a maniac! The karts have a 620 cc engine and they are actually pretty light. This means that they have a good top speed, but they just fly off the starting line! They also handle like a dream which comes in handy when you are trying to take over one of your doofus mates.

You will all get to wear some protective kit that will first of all make you safe, but it will also make you look pretty damn cool as well so be sure to get a group picture. The idea of this off road karting race is to see who can get the six quickest laps. There can be five karts on the track at a time, but you will have a staggered start. This is for safety, but do not worry as taking over is allowed, hell it is actually encouraged. So be sure to use the speed of these karts to catch up with your mates, take them over then leave them bitching behind you. Each member of your stag group will get to complete three races to try and get the fastest times. You times will be recorded and logged via computer so there can be no cheating!

This is already a really cool day, but to make things even more “special” there will be a fun awards ceremony at the end of the day where the top three drivers will be rewarded for their awesome driving. The rest of you will have to live with the shame for ever….. only joking! As cheesy as it sounds this is the kind of thing where coming in dead last really does not matter all that much as you will still have an amazing time.

Off road karting has been insanely popular with guys coming to Birmingham for a crazy stag weekend and we are sure it will be something you guys really enjoy.

What You Need To Know:

Make sure you guys are prepared for your day of off road karting by checking out the information below!

Clothing: This is called off road karting so as I am sure you have figured out, you will want to make sure you are not wearing your best clothes! Just thrown on some old comfortable clothes and you will be fine. If the ground is a bit wet then you can get very muddy so be sure to bring a change of clothes with you just in case.

How Long Does This Last: You are expected to get here about 15 minutes before the start of your day of off road karting and the typical day here will last around 90 minutes. This includes your briefing at the start of the sessions, practice laps, race and prize ceremony at the end as well.

What About The Weather?: Off road go karts are designed to kick ass in all kinds of weather so unless the rain is severely heavy or there is a lot of snow, you will be able to come here and have a great time.

How Many People Can Do This? If you have ten or more people in your stag group then you guys will have the whole track to yourselves. If you have under ten people then there is a chance you may have to share the track with another group.

If truth be told they are willing to work with stag  groups of all sizes here. 


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