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You'll be driving Yamaha Grizzly 125cc quads which are fast and exciting. Instructors will ensure that everyone gets the hang of the bikes in no time.
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Quad Biking Birmingham


You really do not get much cooler than hauling ass around this custom made quad bike course on some really awesome looking quad bikes! For you gents looking to kick things up a few notches during your Birmingham stag weekend this activity is for you. So be sure to make your stag do one to remember by picking one of the all-time classics when it comes to stag activities.

What To Expect:

You guys are going to have an absolute riot here! When you have a diverse group of blokes it can be rather tough (and a pain in the neck for the guy organising it) finding activities to do that are good, fun and fair for the whole group. Well that is exactly what you can expect with some quad biking fun right here. You guys will be having a great time and one of the best things about picking this as one of your Birmingham stag day activities is that pretty much everyone can do this! You do not even need to have a driving license in order to take part here.

What Will Happen:

When you arrive you do not just jump on the quads and start around like maniacs….. as awesome as that would be it would not be safe. And the staff here will make sure that before you head out onto the actual quad bike course that you all know how to ride the bikes, safely and properly. This not only stops you getting hurt it also means you have a better chance of winning the race! You will get to have a few practice runs before you actually start the main event. So even if you have never rode a quad bike before by the time the race starts, you will know what you are doing.

You will be riding Yamaha Grizzly 125 CC quads. Which offer a good balance of being quick, but also very good when it comes to handling. The actual course is design to have fun, but also test your riding skills. There will be sections where you can go full throttle and just fly. Other parts of the course will be a little bit more tricky with you needing to go a bit slower to get past some corners, obstacles pot holes or some of the other surprises that the course has in store for you.

Your quad bike race will either see you having a “every man for himself” type of race where you see who can beat the course in the fastest time. Or if you have a larger stag group…. Or perhaps just because you want to. Then you can have a team style race where you take turns completing a lap before changing riders. Every member of your stag party will get to have an equal amount of turns going round the course.

To make your day of badass quad biking just that little bit more awesome. At the end of the day there will be a prize ceremony where the top three riders will be awarded with medals. More than a few blokes have worn these medals as some kind of “badge of honour” during their stag night. Nothing impresses the local ladies like a cheesy medal for winning a quad bike race!

What You Need To Know:

Make sure you guys have a better idea of what is going to happen when you arrive for your quad biking adventure by checking out the section down below.

Clothing: If it is a bit chilly be sure to wear some nice warm clothes as it can get bloody freezing when you are waiting for your turn! This can get very muddy so be sure to have some boots or old shoes with you as they will get caked in mud. You should all bring a change of clothes with you as this can be a very muddy activity.  All safety gear like overalls, gloves, helmet and goggles will be provided for you.

How Long Will It Last?: You are looking at around an hour and a half. This includes your safety briefing at the start of the session as well as you each getting a quick lesson on how to ride.

What About The Weather?: These quad bikes can pretty much kick ass on any kind of terrain, but if the weather is really bad…. We are talking pouring down with rain or really deep snow. Then there is a slight chance that the activity could be cancelled. Your stag party is expected to arrive 15 minutes before your session is due to take place.

How Many People Can Do This?: In order to make a booking here your stag party will need to have at least four people in it. The maximum amount of people who can be in one party is 24 and this will require you to race in teams. 

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