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Birmingham Stag Weekends

Here are some top reasons to book your Birmingham Stag with StagDoParty

  • We make booking your Birmingham stag weekend nice and easy
  • We know what the best places to stay are.
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  • We only suggest the best, Birmingham stag activities
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Off Road Karting in Birmingham

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  • What Makes Birmingham Such A Great Place For A Stag Weekend!

    As the 2nd largest city in the UK, Birmingham just has a ton of cool stuff for you gents to get up to. Offering a wild, crazy and just amazing nightlife full of pubs, clubs and places to check out the ladies if you know what I mean, Birmingham stag nights can be the stuff of legend! If that is not enough there is also just an insane amount of things for you guys to get up to during the day as well. I would actually go as far to say that if you had some kind of scientist guy run tests that he would tell you that it is scientifically impossible not to have a great stag weekend in Birmingham.

    If you guys want to do some touristy stuff or sightseeing…… but do not want to go and see the boring and “educational” type things then Birmingham has two huge (hmm huge might be stretching it) football teams in, Aston Villa and  Birmingham City who both offer stadium tours. So if you want to do something, touristy then check out one of these tours.

    Top Tip for Birmingham

    So the locals are called Brummies and there is a fair few of them, over 1 million.

    Apparently there is a real North South divide with the North being a bit more dodgy, but hey ho what do you expect in a large city? The city of course is known for chocolate with Cadbury World be located in the city. Tours on the canals are available but not sure how wise that is for a stag party, oooops the stag has fallen over board.

    There are just so many things to see, check out Click Travel Tips for some ideas.

    Endless outdoor activities around Birmingham

    How The Heck Do We Get To Birmingham?

    Birmingham is of course well connected by the train and by the sounds of it going to be if better connected when the HS2 is built. Being located in the West Midlands the city has the M42 and M6 accessing it from the North and the M5 and M40 from the South.

    So What Can We Do On A Night Out?

    So no stag party is a stag party without at least one epic night out on the lash. The city will not dissapoint you, it has comedy clubs, great selection of bars and restaurants with a good selection of clubs to show the local birds your matting dance.

    The Mailbox has a good choice of bars and places to eat including Thai, Japanese, Italian, French, Spanish and contemporary and traditional English.

    Broad Street is known for being the place to go to at night with a load of bars and clubs right next door to each other

    Time to party the night away- Whose round is it anyway?

    What Can A Group Of Gents Get Up To During The Day?

    Before you have a wild stag night, you guys can have an awesome day doing some of the fun things that Birmingham has to offer during your stag day. Here are some of the most popular stag day activities in Birmingham.

    One of the first things I have to suggest is Paintballing. The guys at Delta Force Paintball have crafted one of the most amazing places in the country to shoot your mates in the ass. You will be using some of the best and most accurate paintball guns that are on the market. Your “playground” that you have to wage war in is huge! Offering different game scenarios there are all kind of structures to hide in like buildings and a Soviet tank…. Yes they actually have an actual Soviet tank as part of their paintball arena. Plan your attacks or just run around and shoot anything that moves no matter what your “tactics” are, paintballing is sure to be a huge highlight of your Birmingham stag weekend.

    Fly around this incredible go kart track in 200 CC go karts that can go as fast as 40 mph!  Go karting is always a great laugh and no matter if you are a great driver or if you are your insurance companies best mate, you will have an awesome time here. The track has been designed so that “serious” drivers can use their skill, but at the same time people can just fly around the track like they are in some kind of video game. They have a full on Grand Prix style event here where you can have your own mini tournament to see who is the best driver. This is something that you thrill seekers simply must check out.

    Quad Trekking is a very popular, Birmingham stag day idea. This is an activity that even the most dim-witted of your mates will be able to learn to do in no time at all. You guys will be riding on these badass, quad bikes that can go pretty fast, but also can take on pretty much any kind of terrain your throw their way. This is not a race, you gents will instead be going on a pretty epic trek that will see you ride through deep puddles, muddy woodland areas, take on steep hills and all other kinds of crap that is on the floor! While it is tempting to just go as fast as you can, quad trekking requires you to think about how to get past certain obstacles. This is just a really fun day out and one where you better make sure you bring a change of clothes with you!

    One of the most classic Birmingham stag day ideas is a nice, relaxing and manly few hours of clay pigeon shooting. There is nothing more manly than killing something as it fly’s through the air….. I am pretty sure that is illegal, but shooting clay pigeons is just as much fun. You guys will be working with an experienced marksman who knows all about handling and shooting a shotgun. You will be taught how to shoot the right way then you will have a few “practice” shots so that you can get the hang of it and then it is time to see who can blast the most clay pigeons out of the sky. This is a lot of fun and as there is a competitive element to it be sure to have a six pack of beer or some other kind of prize for the winner.

    How To Have An Amazing Birmingham Stag Night!

    Birmingham has just so much going on during the night that picking just four places is going to be hard! Well one thing I can tell you is that all four of these locations are just bloody perfect for your stag night.

    Risa Nightclub is one of the biggest and best clubs in the whole of Birmingham as a matter of fact this is not regarded as a mere nightclub, Risa is actually what is referred to as a Super Club does this mean the Avengers party here? Well no it does not, but if they were in a party mood then I am sure the six different party zones that are in here would more than make them happy. Offering different types of music with a room that plays all the latest and greatest dance music to a room that plays nothing but cheesy pop, Risa is a club that can entertain you the whole night! One way to make your evening here even more amazing is to get on the guest list and avoid waiting in line….. which we can hook up for you!

    If you guys feel lucky and think that your Birmingham stag nigh could see you winning some money then you will want to go to Broadway Casino. They offer pretty much every kind of gambling action you could want here. You poker experts can put your skills to the test with a game of Texas Hold Em or if you want a more relaxing type of gambling then try out one of their many different slot machines. They offer a number of different packages for stag groups that let you have some food, drink and even a little bit of “free” money to gamble with. Even if you have never gambled before (or are not too keen) this is still a cool place to go and spend a few hours with your mates. 

    The Rocket Club

    If you guys want to see some sexy naked ladies…… and if you are on a Birmingham stag night I actually think it is legally required that you do. Then get your asses down to one of the best lap dancing clubs around, The Rocket Club. They offer some very nice pole dancing show, private dances and just some of the sexiest looking women you will ever see. Look the groom is about to sign up to only seeing the same pair of boobs for the rest of his life so you guys are doing him a real solid by taking him here. They offer a number of amazing deals for stag groups here offering free entry, a few drinks and even access to a VIP room. Be sure to check out their stag packages as you get a better deal (and have more fun) than you would if you just rolled in. 

    The Glee Comedy Club

    Offering three comedians and an awesome MC each and every night, The Glee Comedy Club is a great way to have some laughs during your Birmingham stag weekend. They get some great acts to take to the stage here. A typical night at the Glee Comedy Club will see your evening hosted by a funny MC who will introduce the acts and keep the laughs flowing in between. Your three acts will be doing all kinds of awesome things like telling jokes, doing impressions, singing dirty songs and truth be told you never know what the hell is going to happen on stage! This is a great night out and something you guys will be talking about for a long time after…….. and stealing most of the jokes.

    Awesome Places To Eat

    Eating is a huge part of a Birmingham stag weekend. First of all it helps soak up the alcohol, but also eating with your mates is always a chance to have a few laughs and take the piss out of each other. Here are two of the best places for a group of rowdy lads to eat in Birmingham.

    The Meat Shack

    With a name like The Meat Shack you know this is a real man’s type of place to eat. They offer all kinds of great food here, but the reason you guys should head here is for their just freaking EPIC (yes that needed to be all in caps) burgers that they have. These things are huge…. So huge that they will require you to actually use both hands to hold them! If you guys love burgers then this is the only place you need to go to eat in Birmingham.

    Pizza Express

    Look I know at first glance that, Pizza Express at first glance or thought may sound like a weird, odd and not very exciting place to go for a meal during your Birmingham stag weekend, but Pizza Express offer some amazing deals on pizzas! They have pretty much every pizza that you can imagine here ranging from a plain as Jane,  margherita pizza to pizza with about 47 different toppings on them.



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