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Stag Accommodation in Birmingham

Finding A Great Place To Stay During Your Birmingham Stag Do!

Ok so you have asked around and all the guys are in. They are up for whatever kind of mental weekend you have planned. They have their clothes sorted, beer money and they have prepped their liver for the sever kick in it is about to get, but one thing that is often overlooked by a group of lads ready to go crazy is where to stay! Well to help make your life a little bit easier today I am sharing with you some of the best “stag friendly” accommodation that Birmingham has to offer.

You can party hard and not be judged when you stay at any of these places! We not only know all the coolest and most awesome things to do during your stag do in Birmingham, but we also know what places are great to stay in and we can handle the booking and all the boring stuff for you lads!

*Budget* Hatters Hostel

If you are doing your Birmingham stag weekend right then your digs should be more of a base where you can just crash if you are drunk. Well Hatters Hostel is close enough to the city centre as well as the train station and a few bus stations as well. They offer free Wi-Fi, places to kick back and have a few laughs (or warm up drinks) and if you boys can drag your asses out of bed before ten in the morning then they offer a free continental breakfast also. Look this is not a five star resort, but it is nice, clean, friendly and best of all the money you save by staying here can be used for more drinks or other stag activities.

*Budget* Birmingham Central Backpackers

Who the hell came up with the name for this place? Anyway, Birmingham Central Backpackers is called that because it is the most centrally located place to stay in Birmingham. This hostel is literally right in the middle of the city centre and if you are on a tight budget then the prices will suit your group perfectly. They can handle groups of lads from 6 to 80….. yes 80! They have everything you guys could need, a self-service kitchen, a bar, a large projector to show sport and movies, free Wi-Fi and the rooms are nice and clean as well. For the price that hey charge here you do actually get a pretty damn nice place to stay.

*Budget* Hotel Dinara

Offering 13 rooms, the Hotel Dinara is perfect if you have a large group of lads who are ready to tear it up during this Birmingham stag weekend! First of all the rooms here are pretty damn nice with each one having its own TV, place to store your crap and shower facilities…. Trust me it is way better just sharing your shower with a few people you know than a bunch of smelly randoms. They have a nice lounge where you can have a few beers and enjoy a game of pool before you head out for the night and one thing that makes the Hotel Dinara perfect for a stag group is that they have no curfew! So there will be no judgemental looks when you stroll in at 2 in the morning with a local bird. Nice rooms and very reasonable prices make this a hotel you guys should seriously look into. 

*Budget* Prince Hotel

If you guys are looking to have a little bit more privacy than what a hostel offers for you, but at the same time do not want to break the bank. Then the Prince Hotel is just what you maniacs need. Thy have single, double and even triple rooms available here. They have TV’s shower facilities, you even get a free breakfast. If you want to make sure that the place you are sleeping is more than a thin mattress on a lumpy bed then, Prince Hotel is the perfect fit. This is the kind of hotel for you guys who are not high class, but at the same time do not want to stay in a grubby place!

*Mid-Range* Fountain Court Hotel

If you want to spend a wee bit more money, but not too much then the Fountain Court Hotel could be just what you blokes are looking for. This is a nice and clean hotel that has a nice lounge with a pool table and TV, serves up a mean full English breakfast and has rooms that can sleep up to five people. While not right in the middle of the city centre, The Fountain Court Hotel is more for you guys who are coming to Birmingham for all the awesome activities they have more so than just to get pissed…… do not get me wrong though this still serves as a great place for you drunk maniacs to pass out in and I have woken up in far worse places than here with a hangover!

*Mid-Range* The Royal Angus

 As part of the Thistle chain, The Royal Angus offers you guys a clean, safe, and verging on classy place to stay. The Royal Angus is right in the city centre and they have a nice bar, restaurant and the rooms are pretty spacious as well so if you do come in, wasted and fall asleep on the floor at least you have a lot of room. Being so close to the city centre means that if you are having a Birmingham stag weekend that is just all about hitting the pubs, clubs and strip clubs then The Royal Angus is perfect for you lads and while it is classed as a “mid-range” hotel the prices are actually pretty damn reasonable for the type of room you are getting.

*Mid-Range* Ramada Hotel

You get quite a lot of bang for your buck here at the Ramada Hotel. The Ramada Hotel offer nice and spacious rooms with their own wash room facilities and LCD TV’s. they also have a Starbucks, restaurant and free Wi-Fi all over the hotel as well. This is a nice and comfortable hotel that is great to set up a wild night out and then recover from said wild night out. Offering a nice bar to have some warm up drinks before you hit the town and then they have a no curfew, no judgmental door staff and a no hassle policy for when you roll in, looking like hell at 4 in the morning. If you like your creature comforts, but do not want to waste a lot of your budget for the weekend on your digs then this is a cool place to stay.

*High Class* Staying Cool Rotunda

Now I know that high class and Birmingham stag weekend are not two things that normally go together, but if you do want to splash the cash and stay somewhere really upmarket and five star then the Staying Cool Rotunda is for you guys. This is high class all the way offering you guys more than just a hotel room it is more like you have your own mini apartment to stay in for the weekend. Look I know that this is not cheap, but if you lads want to live it up like you are a bunch of big shots then this hotel will certainly make you feel like that. With their amazing restaurant, breath taking views and just general awesomeness this is a hotel that I am sure must be where the VIP’s all crash when they are in Birmingham.

*High Class” Hilton Garden Inn

Look I know that some people would not class the Hilton as “high class” but for a group of crazy guys like yourselves the Hilton Garden Inn certainly is high class. As a “chain” you know that you are going to be getting certain standards when you come here. With nice, clean and some pretty large rooms on offer The Hilton does have a room for everyone. One of the things that makes staying here so cool is that they do have some more basic (and cheaper) rooms as well as rooms that have amazing views of the city and are just five star all the way. Offering good food (and a fully stocked bar) you can start your Birmingham stag night off on the right foot here. Also being close to the heart of the city means that you are never too far away from pubs, clubs and some fun stag activities as well.


Birmingham Stag Hotels & places to Stay

Travel Lodge Birmingham Broad Way Plaza

City centre budget accommodation great option if you are on a tight budget. Great for all the Birmingham nightlife, pubs and clubs.
  • Location: Birmingham
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  • Copthorne Hotel Birmingham

    Copthorne Hotel in Birmingham. Includes wifi, two car parks, Safe deposit boxes, Postal and parcel service.
  • Location: Birmingham
  • Budget Accommodation
  • The Hatters Hostel - Twin / Double En-Suite

    The Hatters hostel sits in the heart of the city within walking distance to all the hot spots.
  • Location: Birmingham
  • Budget Accommodation
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