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Blairgowrie Stag Day Activities

How To Throw The Ultimate Blairgowrie Stag Day

Look we know that having a Blairgowrie stag weekend is not what most people think off when sending one of their good pals off into the doom and gloom of married life. But actually this is a great wee place to get up to all kinds of crazy antics. There is more than a few things to get up to in Blairgowrie itself, but it is not too far away from places like Perth and Dundee. So before everyone starts moaning about you picking here for your stag festivities, tell them to shut it and read this to see why this is a great choice for a stag do location.

The Top Blairgowrie Stag Day Activities

  • Quad Biking
  • Paintballing
  • White Water Rafting

Archery & Air Rifle Shooting

£ 29.99
A session of Archery and air rifle shooting near Blairgowrie for 4hr includes professional guidance, necessary equipment and overalls.
  • Reference: PR-10254
  • Min No: 4
  • Quad Biking Blairgowrie

    £ 44.99
    Experience Quad Biking in Blairgowrie at its best. We have a massive fleet of up to the minute high spec quad bikes making for a superb stag day in the Scottish Highlands
  • Reference: PR-660
  • Min No: 2
  • White Water Rafting

    £ 42.99
    If you are looking for a stag do event that is all about getting your blood pumping and having a great time with your mates then you have just found it- White Water Rafting.
  • Reference: PR-3
  • Min No: 8
  • Abseiling

    £ 42.99
    Walking backward off a cliff is always guaranteed to get the blood pumping. Walking forward off a cliff is guaranteed to freeze it
  • Reference: PR-785
  • Min No: 4
  • Bungee Jumping

    £ 69.99
    Bungee Jumping is not for the faint hearted at the best of times but this death defying leap off this bridge will require more than the normal amount of courage
  • Reference: PR-8803
  • Min No: 1
  • Tank Driving Experience

    £ 69.99
    Tank driving new recruit experience will not just let you experience the thrill of driving a real army tank but will also enjoy a group session with our other ‘New Recruits’
  • Reference: PR-8598
  • Min No: 10
  • 4 x 4 off Road Driving

    £ 54.99
    4x4 off road driving routine in Perth and navigate through our tricky courses. Includes professional instructors and safety equipments.
  • Reference: PR-8310
  • Min No: 2
  • Mountain Biking

    £ 23.99
    2hr guide mountain biking tour on our specially designed tracks around the beautiful Glenshee area near Blairgowrie. Includes instructors, safety briefing and downhill ride.
  • Reference: PR-10184
  • Min No: 4
  • Rock Climbing

    £ 29.99
    Scramble up the rock surfaces of Blairgowrie. Includes professional guidance and all the necessary equipments. Enhance your physical skills while climbing.
  • Reference: PR-10175
  • Min No: 4
  • Check Out These Amazing Blairgowrie Stag Day Ideas!

    Here we have what are the most requested and awesome stag day activities, Blairgowrie and its surrounding towns and villages has to offer.

    Quad Biking

    Take a short drive to one of the most epic places in the whole of Scotland for a balls to the wall day of quad biking. You know, quad biking is one of the most classic stag day activities all over the country. Mainly because it is a lot of fun, but also because it is so easy to do. Seriously even your most dumb ass mate is going to be able to get the hang of riding a quad bike. We are not saying he won’t end up in a bush or crashing into a tree, but he will at least know how to ride. This place has all kinds of tricky terrain that is going to try and get in your way and it is a lot of laughs seeing who can handle it the best. 


    You really do not get much more entertaining than shooting your mates during a intense and over the top game of Paintball. AK Paintball is very close to Blairgowrie and this is the type of activity that we feel should be legally required to be part of any Blairgowrie stag weekend.  Paintballing will see you boys split into two teams and from there it is an all out war to see who can win the battle and also inflict the most bruises on their buddies. This is always a great time and once the war is over then the rest of you lads should hunt down the groom to be and shoot him in a game of hunt the stag.

    Blairgowrie Golf Club

    For a day that is a little bit more relaxed, refined, but still a great deal of fun then a round at Blairgowrie Golf Club is something we are sure is going to go down well. Paying golf with the lads always has the potential to get very crazy as you place a few beers on the line to see who is the best golfer. Honestly during a stag weekend a game of golf is a great idea as it does not matter if you are a skilled golfer or if you struggle to hit the ball even in a game of Wii Golf as you will have a lot of laughs here.  

    Round Of Archery

    If there is one sport that does not get you out of breath and also make you feel like a badass then it is archery. You really cannot go wrong with a round of archery as this is a sport that is easy to pick up the basics of and before you know it you will be hitting the bullseye….. or the tree that is next to the target. No matter what you hit, you can be assured that you are going to have an amazing time here. One thing that we always suggest is making your game a wee bit more interesting by having the loser have to get the first round in. 

    Drive A Tank

    How many people do you know who can actually say that they have had the balls to Drive A Tank? We are sure that it is not too many, but now you can be the man who impressed the other blokes in the pub and makes the ladies swoon as you tell the tale of how during an epic, Blairgowrie stag weekend, you drove a tank. This is a great day out and while you will not be blowing up buildings or anything like that it is still a great laugh and it does make you appreciate how tricky driving one of these big SOB’s is. Also this is an activity that is kind of out of the norm so it would make for a very memorable thing to do during your weekend. 

    High Ropes Challenge

    Here we have an activity that is for you blokes who like to think you are in great shape and love to flex the guns whenever you get the opportunity. At the same time this is also for those of you who love to run, jump and do a whole load of crazy stuff! This High Ropes Challenge is the kind of thing you all will be up for at first….. until you realise you have to navigate a pretty damn tough obstacle course while you are quite a few feet of the ground. Now do not start pissing your pants as it is totally safe and you are given protective gear and will be wearing a safety harness, but man is this still something that requires you to do a nut check and really step up to the challenge. For something that is really going to push you, we highly recommend you consider this. 

    More Awesome Blairgowrie Stag Day Ideas

    To show you just how great a stag day here can be we have for you a few extra things that you maniacs can get up to.

    Air Rifle Shooting

    If all those hours you have spent playing Call Of Duty have made you feel like you could hit a head shot from a few hundred feet away a day of Air Riffle Shooting is a great way to put those skills to the test. Now of course you will not be shooting bad guys, but you will be seeing who can hit the target in all the right places and be crowned the ultimate shooter of your stag group. 

    Rock Climbing

    Put on your safety gear and show your mates that you are the bravest of them all as you take part in a couple of hours of rock climbing. This is an activity where you lads as well as takin the piss out of each other are going to have to offer a few words of encouragement and cheer each other on as you make your way up and down the rock face. This is a great activity to do if you lads are looking for something a bit more physical and tough. 

    Clay Pigeon Shooting

    This is in Auchterarder which is a short drive away, but we have always felt that one of the best things to do during a Blairgowrie stag weekend is a round, game or whatever the hell you want to call it of, Clay Pigeon Shooting. This is a great activity that is competitive as you try to see who can score the most points. A huge part of the fun here is that you will be using actual shotguns and learning the right way to use them.

    Go Karting

    Last of all we have, go karting. Now this may be about an hour away from Blairgowrie, but for some fast racing action near to Blairgowrie this is where you are going to want to go. This is a great track that is full of twists and turns to test your racing skills as well as plenty of straight so you can put the foot down. Go karting is always a good time, even if you are the world’s worst driver you will be able to haul ass like a pro here.

    A Few Things To Know About When Having A Blairgowrie Stag Day

    Here is a little guide of things we feel you need to know before you come to Blairgowrie.

    A Good Place To Eat

    If nothing else a nice meal will help soak up the alcohol so you can drink some more. If you are looking for somewhere quick and easy to grab a bite to eat as you are in between bars or activities then there is a newly opened, Subway that offers cheap and quick food.

    A Good Taxi Firm

    COUPAR CABS is the top taxi firm in Blairgowrie. They offer a 24 hour service and will ferry you boys around so there is no need for a designated driver to miss out on all the drinking action.

    Is There A Bad Time To Come Here?

    Honestly no time is really any busier than any other so you guys are free to come here at any time of the year and not have to deal with crowds and crowds of annoying as hell people.

    Any Sports Action In Blairgowrie?

    There is no pro sports teams here in Blairgowrie, but Dundee is not too far away and neither is Perth so there is plenty of football action close by if that is your thing.

    Getting Patched Up

    If you have got a wee bit injured because of your drunken antics or maybe you went a little bit too hard core during one of the activities. Do not worry as at Blairgowrie Pharmacy, you can get all you need to patch yourself up so you can keep on partying.




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