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Blairgowrie Stag Night Ideas

How To Throw The Ultimate Blairgowrie Stag Night

You boys are going to be pretty mind blown by the cool things that you can get up to here in Blairgowrie. You can make sure that you give the groom one hell of an epic weekend in Blairgowrie and the places that are just a short drive away.

The Top Blairgowrie Stag Night Activities

. The Dreadnaught Inn

. The Cartwheel Inn

. The Ice Factory

Here Are The Top Blairgowrie Stag Night Ideas

You boys are going to have an amazing night out at any of these places!

The Dreadnaught Inn

Here we have one of the best locals that Blairgowrie has to offer and if you want to experience the real, Blairgowrie then a few drinks at The Dreadnaught Inn is essential. They have pretty much every kind of booze you could want in here and thanks to regular live entertainment such as top local bands. There is always a party atmosphere here, made even more over the top by you lads making sure the groom is having a great night out.

The Cartwheel Inn

Another place that is very popular in Blairgowrie is The Cartwheel Inn a very friendly, lively and on occasion has been known to be pretty mental local. They serve up some good booze here and the staff are all friendly. They do have events on here from time to time such as bands and karaoke so be sure to see what is happening while you are in town. A wee bit of local flavour during a stag do is always a good thing and we are sure you boys will enjoy a good few beers inside here.

The Ice Factory

This is located in Perth which is very close to Blairgowrie and they offer one of the most amazing club nights in the whole of Scotland right here. The Ice Factory have had their doors open, floors jumping and top quality booze flowing for years. Many people who have a Blairgowrie stag night will come here on the Saturday night to do some pretty heavy duty partying. If a wild night out is what you are after then this is well worth the taxi ride to get here. They always have some great music blasting in here with a good mix of current tunes and old school jams as well.

The Loft

The Loft Nightclub is another top place to party in Perth, again like the Ice Factory it is a short drive, but if you want to really get down during your weekend you have to make the drive here. Anyway this is a really awesome club that has four bars inside, each one having its own kind of vibe. Going between the different bars is sure to be a highlight of your time here. One other thing we have to mention is that they get some top DJ’s to play here and if you are single then you are in luck as the ladies love this place.  They also love stag groups here and go above and beyond to offer you a good package and make sure you have a wild night!

Private Eyes Lap Dancing

To see some sexy naked ladies, you gents will ned to take a drive to Dundee to check out the amazing, Private Eyes Lap Dancing Club. They have some of the hottest girls from all over Scotland and the rest of the UK here. This is the grooms last weekend of freedom before he is tied down forever. So do the right thing and let him see some nice big boobs and a firm butt before he gets married.  From pole dancing to private dances there is some kind of action going on here for everyone!

Comedy Club (Dundee)

If you are making the drive to Dundee to go to the lap dancing club anyway then one way to make a real night of it is by checking out the top, comedy action that this part of Scotland has to offer.  There is some laugh your ass off comedy going on most weeks here and they do book some impressive names not just from Scotland, but the rest of the UK as well. We always think that a great way to start any stag night is with a few drinks and a lot of laughs and that is what you can do here.

More Ways To Have A Great Blairgowrie Stag Night

Make the most of your time in Blairgowrie or even take a drive to a town nearby and have some fun with these extra activities we have for you.

Comedy Club (Perth)

The same folks who put on great nights of comedy in Dundee also put on some awesome, comedy shows in Perth. So if by chance there is not a show on in Dundee. It is a pretty safe bet there will a comedian putting on a great show in Perth instead. You cannot beat some good laughs with some good mates all the while you are downing some good beer……. Now that is a lot of good!

Liquid Nightclub

This is perhaps the very best nightclub that Dundee has to offer and we have known a few people on a Blairgowrie stag night who after a few drinks at one of the locals take the trip to Liquid. No matter if you call it Liquid or Liquid and Envy, you are in for one amazing club night here. What makes this a really good place to come to is that no matter if you re the kind of bloke who likes to have a beer in his hand and just head nod to the tunes at the bar or if you are the kind of guy who as the moves like Jagger and loves to show them off on the floor, you are going to have a great time here. 

 Strathmore Screen

Now this is a weird one to suggest, but if you want to check out a movie then Strathmore Screen is one of the few remaining small cinemas left in the country. These days it is all these huge 20 or more screened cinemas, but here is one that has a very old school charm to it. So if you want to do something a bit more low key or are to knackered to party after  hard day then see what movie is playing here. Who knows relaxing here for a couple of hours may give you the extra energy you need to hit a bar later!


After a few drinks at one of the locals here in Blairgowrie one excellent stag night idea is you boys heading to Dundee to try you luck at this epic Casino. They have all kinds of games here where if you win big with a martini in your hands, you really will feel like some kind of badass on a James Bond type of level. They have all kinds of games here from blackjack to about a million different slot machines. So no matter your level of gambling experience they are going to have something here you can play.

 The Need To Know About A Blairgowrie Stag Night

To help keep you gents on the right track we have a great wee guide of need to know things about Blairgowrie.

A Great Place To Have A Meal

Having some good grub together is something that you have to do during a stag night. One of the most popular and classy, but classy without being overly expensive or up its own ass places is Littles Restaurant.  What we love about this place is that the menu is very diverse they have things that are simple and fun like pizza for you guys who are a bit on the fussy side. But for the people who like to try new stuff they have all kinds of weird and wonderful dishes here.

No Questions Asked Way To Get Back To Your Digs

Us men no matter how drunk we are know how to communicate with a cab driver to get us back to where we are staying! The only taxi firm you need to have on your phone and use to get you around when you are drunk of your asses is  COUPAR CABS.

Live Music In Blairgowrie

If you want to see a live band then actually two of the best places to do this we have already told you about and that is, The Cartwheel Inn and The Dreadnaught Inn.

Where To Get Medical Treatment

We all know that things can get out of hand during a good night out and if the booze is flowing like it should be during your Blairgowrie stag night then it may get out of hand at some point. Well just in case one of you does go a bit crazy there is a hospital where you can get all fixed up. 

Bar Guide - Blairgowrie

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We will let you into our secrets!!! the best bars that you and your mates can enjoy some drinks...
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  • BBQ in a beer garden

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    Enjoy this BBQ in the beer garden at the Gig Pub in Blairgowrie. Famed for its atmosphere, this pub puts on a great BBQ. Ideal as part of any Stag Weekend
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