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Blairgowrie Stag weekends

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Why Have Your Stag Do In Blairgowrie

Ok so when planning a stag weekend no one ever thinks of Blairgowrie first. But I am here to tell you that this is actually a great wee place to serve as a base for your weekend of debauchery. Located just North of Perth, Blairgowrie is in a pretty damn good location as it is close enough to many places so you can partake in a number of awesome activities that will make your stag weekend very memorable……… and it is a hell of a lot cheaper to stay here than one of the major places in Scotland like Glasgow or Edinburgh, making Blairgowrie a sensible choice if you want to save money on your digs.

Endless outdoor activities around Blairgowrie

Some Amazing Blairgowrie Stag Night Ideas

Look the night life in Blairgowrie is pretty much just local pubs which on a normal night out is fine, but this is a stag night and fine will not do. Perth and Dundee are close to Blairgowrie and have a number of great places to go.

The Loft Nightclub (Perth)

Perth has a number of amazing nightclubs and at only half hour (at the most by the way) away it is a great place to party during your Blairgowrie stag night. The Loft offer you four different bars to drink, dance and perhaps even score with the local ladies (if you are single of course)  The selection of tunes is pretty wild as they offer the latest club tunes, but they love to throw on some of the old school classics as well. Let me tell you nothing gets the ladies more wild than a cocktail and some cheesy 90’s dance song! The Loft is a club that loves to entertain stag groups and if you book ahead you can get on the guest list and also book a private room.

The Ice Factory (Perth)

The Ice Factory is the stuff of legend, clubbers from all over the world make a pilgrimage here to party….. ok so that is a wee bit of an exaggeration, but The Ice Factory really is one of the area’s most notorious nightclubs.  They have been hosting epic stag nights here for over 20 years and if there is one thing you are guaranteed in The Ice Factory it is a great time, good deals on drinks, crazy chicks and a night to remember…. Well I guess that is five things, but that is just the type of place this is. If your stag group is one that likes to get a little bit wild and go nuts then you must come here.

Private Eyes Lap Dancing Club (Dundee)

Seeing some boobs is pretty much legally required on during a stag night. Dundee is about half an hour away from Blairgowrie and it is worth the drive when you are planning on going to Private Eyes Lap Dancing Club who have the sexiest ladies performing all kinds of smoking hot show’s! What makes coming here just a bloody fantastic, Blairgowrie stag night idea is that they have special deals for stag parties where if you pre book you can get in for a great price and if you have a certain number of people in your group the groom and the best man even get in free! This is a great club and by letting the groom see a tight ass and big boobs you are really doing him a solid.

A Night Of Comedy (Dundee)

The Just Laugh Comedy Club are responsible for putting on some of the best comedy nights in Scotland. In Dundee they tend to use the Bonar Hall which is awesome as they let you drink booze while you watch the show. They get the best comedians from all over Scotland to perform as well as some other well-known acts from England as well. You really cannot go wrong with a few beers and some laughs. If you want to make sure you guys are hitting the town in the best mood possible then a comedy club is the ideal way to start your night of mayhem.

The Best Blairgowrie Stag Day Ideas

To some, Blairgowrie may seem in the middle of nowhere, but this means it is close to a number of awesome stag day activities!

Paintball (Dundee)

Do you have the combat skills to survive any war? Have you played so much Call Of Duty that you could kick ass in any kind of situation? Well hell son, you might be ready for the most awesome day of paintball on the planet! Paintball is one of the most classic stag day ideas and taking a short drive to Dundee will see you have five acres of woodlands to run around in and shoot each other! They offer different game scenarios here with each one having a story and a particular set of rules and objectives. 

Blairgowrie Golf Club

Golf can be a real serious competition and a good stag day activity in that regard……. But when you are with your mates and having a good laugh, messing around then golf can make for a freaking fun and great day out. Blairgowrie Golf Club is a really nice course that you boys can wager a few beers on or some kind of horrific dare on the outcome of the game. If you are looking to add something competitive to your stag do and do not want to travel to far from Blairgowrie during the day then this is a perfect activity.

Quad Biking

Quad Biking is a very popular Blairgowrie stag day idea as it is something that your whole stag group will be able to do (yes even the most moronic of your mates) You have about 100 acres of land to haul ass on and part of the fun here is not just going as fast as you can which do not get me wrong is fun, but it is taking on different challenges and terrain. Really putting these quad bikes through their paces and just seeing if there is any terrain that they cannot handle. Another thing that is always a lot of fun is when one of your mates falls off or drives into a bush like a dumb ass.

Clay Pigeon Shooting (Auchterarder)

If you guys want to make sure that you feel like real men and total bad asses during your Blairgowrie stag weekend then you will want to take a drive to Auchterarder and handle some big guns! Clay pigeon shooting is always a great day out, you are actually getting to use a shotgun which is just so damn cool. Your instructor will teach you how to shoot and then you and your mates can have a competition to see first of all who was actually paying attention to the instructor and secondly who can get the highest score. 

Where To Eat In Blairgowrie

Hey you gents have to eat and here are a few places to get some good food in Blairgowrie.

Time to party the night away- Whose round is it anyway?


Littles Restaurant

Littles Restaurant offers you a fun and friendly little place to eat right in the middle of town. They have a number of things on their menu, but they really specialise in seafood here. This is a great place to enjoy a meal before you hit Dundee or Perth for your big night out. 

Dalmore Inn & Restaurant

If you boys are looking for something more classy and elegant as the main meal of your, Blairgowrie stag weekend then head to Dalmore Inn & Restaurant which offers a well-priced fine dining experience. Steak, salmon and beef are just a few of the highlights of the menu here.


Here are a few places that would make great digs for your stag weekend.

The Royal Hotel

The Royal Hotel is a pretty big place that would be ideal if your stag group is so large that it is hitting Blairgowrie like a swarm! At first glance it can seem pretty pricey, but you can get some pretty sweet deals on rooms here…… and most importantly they have a great bar in the hotel.

Angus Hotel

Now this is a pretty cool place it may cost a wee bit more, but the Angus Hotel offer a fun place to stay as they do have a number of events taking place here during the year. The rooms are pretty spacious and you can cram quite a few of you in.

Getting To Blairgowrie

The A68 and A1 will get you to Blairgowrie, North of Edinburgh and kind of at the top of a triangle between Perth and Dundee. Blairgowrie is quite a popular little town so finding it is not going to cause you any issues, especially when you are in Perthshire.



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