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Mud Buggies – Top Stag Do Event

We have all been go karting and some of us have even experienced 4 x 4 off road driving in the likes of Landrovers or Discoverys. All good fun, but nothing will prepare you for the drive of a lifetime in a mud buggy.

Stag Do Rage Buggies

Rage Buggy at N E Karting

The immense power to weight ratio, the fact that you can let the back end drift out at full speed throwing mud up everywhere, the unexpected muddy pot holes jarring your whole body until your teeth fall out are just some of the reasons that Stags insist on booking mud buggies as part of their weekend. Why drive round on a piece of boring polished tarmac in a kart or crawl along at 2mph in 4 wheel drive when Mud Buggies rip along at more than 40mph , through the worst mud you have ever seen and throw in a ridiculous amount of terror at the same time. Mud buggies have independent suspension with a rear wheel drive from powerful responsive engines up to 1000cc!
Still not sure if Mud Buggies or Rage Buggies as they are often called, are all they are cracked up to be- then have a look at this video from our top site in the North East of England.

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New Nottingham Stag Weekend Packages

Nottingham Stag Packages

Nottingham Stag Packages

StagDoParty has unveiled its exciting new range of weekend packages for stags in Nottingham. New accommodation options coupled with the best activities from proven suppliers are proving to be a winner with Stag weekend organisers. The demand has outstripped all expectations and with savings of up to £30 per person check the deals out now before they are all sold out. Apart from the cost savings, booking a package with Stagdoparty is simple straight forward and takes all the hassle out of the process. A tiny deposit of only £10 per person and an online payment system allows considerable flexibility with both numbers and payment. Packages start from only £69.99 for 2 nights central accommodation for our budget package which includes the mandatory Lap Dancing and Nightclub Entry. Nottingham nightlife is crazy and for stags there is an amazing bonus in that there are 5 girls to every bloke because of the number of students studying here. Got to be easy to pull- surely!
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White Water Rafting with Transfers

White water rafting with transfers for stags

Rafting with Transfers

White Water Rafting for a stag weekend is a great option.  This extreme sport can really be the talking point of a stag do especially on the wedding day for the best man’s speech.  Depending on the location we can arrange rafting either on a man made river or on a one of the major rafting rivers in the UK.

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Top Stag Do Ideas & Activities

Here is our list of top 10 stag do activities in the UK, feel free to vote and suggest others!  Activities do change depending on the time of year, we will be bring out new top to do lists based on the month of year.

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