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Who to invite on your stag do

The days of the groom having a quiet pint in his local with his brother and a couple of mates the night before the wedding are long gone, and these days three days of carousing on a stag do is expected, if not completely mandatory.

You don’t necessarily have to venture far; a new poll has revealed that the top UK destinations for stag weekends are London and Brighton, with Edinburgh stag do events also highly popular.

The good news is that, these days, if it falls you to organise a stag party, there is no shortage of stag do ideas so your groom ends his single days in style. If you are organising either your own party or someone else’s, there are always a few decisions to be made when it comes to the guest list.

Think about what you are getting up to, and whether everyone on your guest list will genuinely enjoy the activities involved. Will everyone gel and get along with each other? Who will be offended if you leave them out? If there’s one guy you no longer see that much of, should they still be asked along?

Other decisions include thinking about whether to have an all-male event or to have some girls in the group as well. These days, mixed stags are more common than you may have thought, and a group of women and men may have easier access to some nightclubs.

Finally, think about whether you are mixing generations and inviting the father or father-in-law to be. It really is down to personal taste and what sort of relationship the groom has with his fiancée’s Dad, as well as their own. You could ask both, or just one of them, and one good compromise is to have them along for early evening drinks, with an understanding that they will bow out once the real fun of the night gets going. Or perhaps it’s appropriate for them just to bowl along and join in the daytime activities?

The same goes for future brothers-in-law. Of course the groom’s own brother is likely to be top of your guest list, but will the bride’s sibling feel hurt if he is left out?

Think through all these things carefully but remember, ultimately, it’s the groom’s stag do and he has the final say in who’s coming along and who isn’t.

5 of the best stag do fancy dress ideas

There aren’t many opportunities in life when you can throw caution to the wind and go out on the streets dressed in a silly costume. Fortunately, your stag do is one of them. If you really want to push the fun factor to the next level, then think about planning a fancy dress theme that will not only create a fair few laughs but is also guaranteed to get you noticed! A fancy dress theme is a great way to revel in total silliness, but it’s also an easy way to keep track of your buddies on a night out. If you are still struggling to decide between all of those silly fancy dress options, then have a look at these ideas to get your stag do off to a hilarious start.


From Batman to Superman, the possibilities for turning your party into your favourite comic book characters is endless. If you want to add extra silliness then try wearing a bright Bananaman costume for a cheeky blast from the past.

Drag queens

A drag queen costume lets you dress up like a woman, but the fun doesn’t stop there. There’s a huge choice of silly drag queen themed outfits ranging from maids to nurses and pantomime characters. Get you stag group to all dress up as drag queens and you’re on to a winner.

Naughty costumes

Fake boobs and bums are always a favourite fancy dress idea, so push the boundaries on taste with a naughty stag theme. Naughty stag do costumes can be funny too, so try a flashing granny costume or a cheeky stripper costume, and watch heads turn.

Vicars and nuns

A classic theme for any stag party, vicar and nun costumes add a naughty aspect to your party, without being too offensive. It’s a hilarious way to create a theatrical theme and gives you an excuse for a whole variety of saucy activities.


Slap on a curly wig and a big bushy moustache and you’ve already given yourself a hilarious new identity. Everyone loves a scouser, so make sure you practice your accent before the night.

Tips for simple stag party planning

If you’ve just got engaged, it’s an easy mistake to get so overexcited about the event that you want to throw a massive stag party that involves everyone from the bride’s dad to that bloke you never speak to in the office. Planning the perfect stag party is no different to planning any other party, in other words, be realistic about what you can manage and who is going to get an invite. Stag parties can quickly get out of control (in more ways than one!) if you don’t show some restraint and control the whole business from the start. To get things off to a good start, follow these few simple tips, so that your dream stag party doesn’t turn into a total disaster.

Enlist your best man

It is often the best man’s task to organise the stag party, so if you have any doubts about where and what you are planning to do, make sure you talk it through with your best man so you know you are both on the same page. Get the format right from the start, so if your best man suggests a weekend of skydiving, don’t be talked into doing something that makes you uncomfortable.

Choose your buddies carefully

It is tempting to start inviting every man and his dog to the stag party, but before you do, recognise that large groups can quickly become unmanageable. Make a list that starts with your best mates and build from there. If you have been put in the difficult position of including a few chaps of the older generation, like your father-in-law, then it’s probably a good idea to have two separate events organised, rather than trying to please everyone.

Choose a date

Before you set the date, find out which dates are best for the majority of the group and then stick to it so that everyone is well aware in advance. Make sure you choose a date that is well away from the wedding day, so you don’t end up embarrassing you and your family by having a horrendous headache on the big day.

Have fun

After all is said and done, relax and have fun. It’s your stag party, so enjoy it.

How to plan the ultimate London stag weekend

The unspoken rule of stag dos is anything goes – anything. We’d all love to have a Hangover-style stag that just sort of happens to turn into the most amazing night ever, but in reality the best stags take a bit more planning. That’s especially when you are planning a stag weekend in London.

London is massive and expensive – if you aren’t careful you could spend a whole night just getting from one place to another; spending a small fortune in the process. You want to make the most of your weekend, with maximum fun and minimum hassle, and that means planning. Luckily for you, we know all the ingredients for a great stag weekend, so follow our lead and give your stag a weekend to remember… (or forget).

1. Choosing your club

Every great stag weekend involves a few sweaty hours at a club. All the best places in London fill up fast, so call ahead and see if you can book a VIP table for you and your guys. It will cost extra, but it’s worth it to skip the queues and guarantee you a great spot at a hot club.

2. Book a package deal

OK, so we’re biased here given that we arrange the best ever stag package deals, but there is a reason they are so popular. All the hard work and booking has been done for you, and these deals usually work out a good bit cheaper than booking your activity, accommodation, and everything else separately.

3. Know your way around

Again, London is massive. Download a tube and bus map and limit yourselves to one section of the city (e.g. Shoreditch; Soho) so you don’t spend hours travelling through city centre traffic. Taxis are handy, but there are times when it might actually be quicker to take the bus or walk – for instance, if you going from Covent Garden to Soho. Having said that, it doesn’t hurt to have a few local minicab numbers pre-loaded in your phone, just in case.

Wives and Stags

lap dancer
Stag weekends are funny, we can act like total kids having non stop laughs with the lads, lots of drunk antics and lots of great stories to tell. Although what stories are acceptable to tell the wives and girlfriends? Not all other halves are cool with the lap dancing club, never mind the other what happens on the stag weekend stays on the stag weekend stuff.  I really do wonder are wives and stags able to mix without trouble?


We all have great stories to share for years to come, what is your best stag weekend story? Share them here or even why not create your own crazy stag stories with our new winter sale.

Edinburgh Stag Night Humour

Stag night humour

Edinburgh Winter Stag weekend offers

A night without laughter is a night wasted

Laughter is at the heart of the best stag nights except when you are laughing so much that the lager comes out of your nose! When all the guys are ripping the shit out of you for that pathetic chat up line directed at the bar maid, then your only weapon is laughter.

Every year during August, Edinburgh hosts the fringe festival where hundreds of comedians both established and aspiring, hope that their stand up routine will win them an award.

We all love that classic one liner : it is not just the content but also the timing.

Award-winning TV channel Dave, the home of witty banter, has run the Dave Award for the Funniest Joke of the Fringe since 2008 and this year more than 60 performances were sifted through to find the best jokes

Here are the Top 10 Fringe Festival jokes of 2014. Let us know what you think of these classics or can you think of funnier jokes than these?

1. “I’ve decided to sell my Hoover… well, it was just collecting dust.” – Tim Vine

2. “I’ve written a joke about a fat badger, but I couldn’t fit it into my set.” – Masai Graham

3. “Always leave them wanting more, my uncle used to say to me. Which is why he lost his job in disaster relief.” – Mark Watson

4. “I was given some sudoku toilet paper. It didn’t work. You could only fill it in with number 1s and number 2s.” – Bec Hill

5. “I wanted to do a show about feminism. But my husband wouldn’t let me.” – Ria Lina

6. “Money can’t buy you happiness? Well, check this out, I bought myself a Happy Meal.” – Paul F Taylor

7. “Scotland had oil, but it’s running out thanks to all that deep frying.” – Scott Capurro

8. “I forgot my inflatable Michael Gove, which is a shame ’cause halfway through he disappears up his own arsehole.” – Kevin Day

9. “I’ve been married for 10 years, I haven’t made a decision for seven.” – Jason Cook

10. “This show is about perception and perspective. But it depends how you look at it.” – Felicity Ward

Have you got any better one liners from a stag night out? Send them to us so that we can post them ina future blog

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