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Dos and don’ts while on a stag do

If you’re planning a stag party for your brother or friend, it’s time to get organised! You want it to be a mad experience that everyone will remember. However, if you don’t follow our essential stag do dos and don’ts, you may find it’s a more stressful experience than you were hoping for!


Pick a great location. If you’re going to a club, try and find one where you can have an area. If you’re going to a strip club, make sure it’s not the ropiest place in the area. If you’re going away for a weekend, make sure you’re going somewhere with enough going on – you don’t want to be wondering around looking for somewhere open past 1am all night.


Break the bank. Try to consider what is a reasonable budget for your entire group. Some people might not be able to afford a weekend away that includes expensive meals, VIP clips, lap dancing, go karting, segwaying and 101 other expensive activities. Set a budget in your head that is reasonable and plan accordingly, including spending money in each place.


Dress the stag up. Your stag needs to be the centre of attention and it’s your right to humiliate him and make sure he stands out. From basic antlers and L plates to a full on fancy dress costume of your choice, it’ all part of the fun and believe us, he’ll secretly be a bit gutted if you don’t.


Be attached to your phone. Stag dos are not about checking in with your missus every five minutes. They’re about a final hoorah with your best mates. Feel free to confiscate any of your friends’ phones who aren’t abiding by this critical rule.


Be prepared for a hangover. Especially if you’re doing a weekend. You don’t want to lose any good men to the bathroom floor the next day. Make sure you know a decent breakfast joint nearby and get the lads straight back on it as soon as possible to prevent any early retirements.


Let the stag know every detail. One of the best things about a stag do is the element of surprise, so try and keep the stag in the dark as much as possible. It will be worth it to see his face light up when you arrive at a surprise location (especially abroad) or activity.

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During the stag do: top tips for a great stag party

It might seem like the planning’s the hardest part of the stag do…but there are certain things you should remember during the occasion itself to make sure that everyone stays safe and has a great time! Stag weekends are a great way of celebrating the groom’s final single days, but by following these few tips, you’ll make sure that the stag do stays positive.

The most important thing to remember is to make sure you look after the groom. Whatever happens on the stag do, you probably don’t want his prospective wife finding out…make sure he stays safe and without any missing limbs or dodgy diseases. After all, you’re going to have to see her for the rest of your life too – you don’t want the stag do to ruin that relationship.

This includes any crazy ideas you might have for the groom: it’s key to know where to draw the line. Removing body hair that’ll be visible on his wedding day isn’t a great idea if there’s no time for it to grow back, and permanent marker might seem funny at the time but the happy couple might not agree when it comes to wedding photos… It’s probably a good idea to make sure the groom doesn’t get arrested too, as a police record doesn’t always go down well at home.

It’s also sensible to sort out a kitty if you’re going out for drinks as part of the stag celebrations. Sticking to buying rounds for everyone might seem like a good idea in advance, but as the evening draws on and people drop out or reach their limits, you’re more likely to have tension and arguments because of people not pulling their weight. Get together a kitty at the start of the evening and have someone vaguely sensible looking after it, to make sure there are no problems on the night.

Finally, make sure you know where you’re staying, especially if you’re on a stag weekend in a different city. Make sure someone’s got the name, telephone number and address of the accommodation written down somewhere – it’s amazing how many stag dos spend the night roaming the city because they can’t remember where they’re booked in…

5 types of stag do for all types of people

What do you think when you hear the words “stag do”? A Hangover-style weekend abroad fuelled by plenty of booze and involving lost belongings, lost body hair and sometimes even lost group members? Or something a bit more sedate?

The great news is that there’s no traditional type of stag party that every man who’s getting married has to stick to. Here for your inspiration are 5 different types of stag do for all types of people…

1. The boozy one

The premise is simple. Start in a pub at 10 or 11am, and keep going until you can’t take any more. It’s one of the most traditional ways of celebrating the stag’s last few days of freedom, and can take place anywhere in the world. Just remember to eat something during the day – and try and pretend to be sober so you can actually get into clubs later on in the evening…

2. The adventurous one

If too much boozing isn’t your thing, then an adrenaline-filled activity-based stag do could be the way forward. If you’ve ever fancied white water rafting, bungee jumping, coasteering, canyoning, gorge walking or another potentially life-threatening activity, then the stag do’s a great time to do it.

3. The foreign one

Eastern Europe’s still a popular choice (everything’s so cheap!), but if you’re more after a US road trip or a cultured Paris break, the world is literally your oyster. Just make sure you’ve got decent travel insurance before you go!

4. The petrol-fuelled one

Planning a stag for a petrol head? There’s a huge number of different driving activities to choose from – both in the UK and further afield. From 4×4 offroad driving to quad biking or even driving tanks, it’s the perfect way to let off steam – and with a competitive element too.

5. The remote one

Not everyone wants a boozy or death-defying stag party, and not everyone wants London stag weekends or trips abroad – or to stay in their home town. What do you do for these guys? Book somewhere rural to stay – either a hotel or a holiday cottage for you all to share – and enjoy the peace and quiet with a BBQ, your best mates and maybe the odd beer or two. Bliss.

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