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Stag do ideas: could the celebs inspire you?

If you’re getting married and looking for stag do ideas, it’s been quite a week for getting inspiration from celebs who are tying, or who have tied, the knot.

George Clooney in Venice

Details have emerged of George Clooney’s final meal as a single man before marrying human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin in Venice – and the £3,000 seven-course, carb-heavy feast reportedly didn’t cost him a penny.

Clooney celebrated with five friends in Venice’s Ristorante da Ivo, of which it seems he is a regular patron. Apparently he gave manager friend Giovanni Fracassi just a few minutes’ notice before rocking up to the restaurant, with Cindy Crawford’s husband Rande Gerber among the stag party.

Just hours before Clooney tied the knot, he was tucking into five courses and two puddings, washed down with numerous £250 bottles of vintage wine, as the group prepared for their 53-year-old friend’s big day. It seems the manager was afterwards happy to waive the £3,000 bill, saying: “He didn’t pay for the evening, I didn’t want him to.”

Ant and Dec in Las Vegas

Not to be outdone, presenters Ant and Dec have been seen stepping out in Las Vegas with a group of mates for a stag party; they took in the Strip and stopped to eat at the Gordon Ramsay restaurant in the Planet Hollywood casino. This slap-up meal was then followed by, inevitably in Sin City, a spot of gambling at the Venetian Hotel’s roulette tables.

In the daytime, the famous TV duo opted to take part in some sporting fun, as they hit the golf course with their stag party pals. It could be that Dec, who announced his engagement to manager girlfriend Ali Astall back in November, was gaining inspiration for his own stag bash.

Not everyone can jet off to Las Vegas or have £3,000 restaurant bills waived on their stag weekends. But let these celebs inspire you with enthusiasm for your own stag do; why not bring a bit of Vegas or Venice closer to home? You can have just as much fun!

A best man’s guide to a stag do

You’re the best man. You have been put in charge of organising the greatest ever stag do and you are beginning to panic. You have a responsibility to make sure that your stag enjoys the experience and can look back on great memories, even if he won’t be able to say anything out loud, after all, what goes on during a stag do, stays on the stag do!

Before the carnage begins, you need to do some things. The following are a few pointers to help you create the best possible stag party and earn yourself brownie points with his future bride and, more importantly, the bridesmaids.

You need to get organised. You are likely to be your stag’s best mate so will know some of his friends, but do you know all of the people that he wants there? Diaries fill up so if your stag wants them, you need to get organised and start contacting them. Sit your stag down and ask who he wants and what he wants from the party. He doesn’t have to know everything you have planned!

Ensure everyone is kept up to date. Guys are simple creatures who need to be told everything. If the stag do is going to need passports and specific instructions, make sure you let your group know. It seems obvious to tell them the travel dates and times but people are busy and probably won’t think about it until the last minute. Make sure they have an itinerary and what they will need and then repeat it again the day before.

Organise a whip-round for the event. The stag do will involve lots of people coming together for the first time. They will all look to you to bring them together. It gets awkward when groups of people break away. Take out the possible embarrassment of paying for rounds by introducing a whip-round right at the start of the night or weekend. Everyone puts in equal amounts. Introduce a system where everyone is responsible for holding the kitty once, which encourages people to integrate; this makes it easy for people to relax and have a great time.

Photo: 00057 by PrincessAshley licensed under Creative commons 6

How to organise your stag do budget

When it comes to organising the stag do, budget is pretty important – unless you, the groom and all your mates are millionnaires. You might have some great ideas for ways to celebrate the groom’s last night or weekend of freedom, but if you price it too high, you’re going to be celebrating all on your own.

Ultimately, it’s the groom who knows everyone that’s going to be invited the best, so the best man should sit down with him before planning everything to work out how much money people are likely to be able (and want to) spend and plan the activities accordingly. Budgeting wrongly can actually work both ways too: a £1,000 weekend with loads of gambling in Monte Carlo could put people off for being too expensive, but they might also be put off by staying in a dormitory room in Bognor for being too cheap…

Instead, find a compromise – and if you’re still not sure that it’s affordable for everyone, make it possible for people to join you for the parts of the stag party that they can afford. If you’re staying at home and organising an activity that costs a bit of money, followed by food, drinks and dancing, let people know they can come just for the later part of the day if that’s what they want to do – if you give people the option in advance, they’ll probably feel less awkward about doing it than if they’d had to ask.

Try and book things in advance where you can too – choose a package where you have nightclub tickets included, for example, as you’ll often find that buying club tickets on the night is more expensive. Another advantage of this is that you might even be able to skip waiting in line too.

During the stag party itself, think about organising a kitty for food and drinks so you don’t have the stress of working out who owes what on the night. It can also be a good way of making sure that everyone actually pays for their round – and that some people don’t drink too much too early and crash and burn before the night is over…

Photo: Pound coins by J D Mack licensed under Creative commons 6

Strippers: still an essential part of the stag do?

When it comes to the stag do, there are plenty of traditions that are often upheld. The stag party get blindingly drunk, the stag party tie the groom up somewhere without his clothes or shave off his eyebrows, and the stag party hire strippers for the night. But are strippers still an essential part of the stag do, or have things changed?

On a man’s “last night of freedom”, it’s no surprise that his friends want the evening to go with a bang. Many of those who have the role of best man don’t want it to be a normal evening out – they want it to be something a bit different to the norm. For many, involving strippers is a bit of a rite of passage. A lot of the time though, it’s more about embarrassing the stag than about seeing naked girls – but with more and more places slapping a ban on the presence of strippers, it’s now more likely that you’ll end up at a lapdancing club instead. For a lot of stag parties, that’s the better option: more girls equals more enjoyment for everyone, and not just the awkwardness of watching your mate who’s about to tie the knot squirming as he gets a lap dance in front of all of his friends.

Even lapdancing clubs aren’t the be all and end all for a lot of stag weekends. In fact, lots of them are getting much tamer: groups are choosing to enjoy activities such as paintball or extreme sports instead. Then you also have the stag parties who decide to just get away from it all and escape to a remote location where they can enjoy a bit of male bonding over a few drinks and activities such as quad biking.

The other truth is that a lot of guys avoid strippers on their stag night because of what their other halves might think. Lots of women understandably get a bit narked at the thought of some random pretty woman grinding against their fiancé and ban it completely. Whether you still decide to go ahead and enjoy your last night of freedom in a traditional way though, is completely down to you – after all, what happens on the stag night stays on the stag night…