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Stag dos for the older stag

It might be the second (or third) wedding, or it might just be that the groom took a really long time to commit, but whatever the reason, not all stags are in their twenties. How do you celebrate in an age-appropriate way, and does a thing even exist?

If the stag and his mates are no longer in the first flush of youth, the stag do needs a little rethink. Cheap booze, embarrassing pranks and bog standard accommodation simply won’t do, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a stag weekend to remember. There are plenty of things you can do that are different and a right laugh.

Choose a location that isn’t your typical stag destination, somewhere like the Scottish highlands, the city of York or the finer parts of London, and book a decent hotel that has an elegant bar and a fine restaurant. After all, you want to spoil yourself when you reach a certain age. Next, pick activities that you’ve never done before and are best done with a group of blokes. Something like clay pigeon shooting, archery, beer tasting or even a day at the races. Add in a long sit-down dinner with several courses and the proper accompanying alcohol. If your group is particularly sporty, there is a long list of things you could organise: golf, hiking, rock climbing, abseiling and even survival training. A full weekend of activities on offer without a stripper’s pole in sight!

What to consider when organising a stag party for an older gent

Think about all the guests when you book the day’s activities – chances are there’ll be a few different characters and abilities, so don’t organise things that most of the participants won’t be able to do. This could be tricky so try giving everyone a choice of things you’ve come up with and see how they react. Fancy dress on the older guy looks a bit sad, so don’t do it! But to add a bit of silliness, why not all wear something like a flat cap, snazzy waistcoat or bad-taste tie, or all agree to grow Magnum-style moustaches or goatees?

4 top tips for stag do fashion

Stag do fashion can be hard to get right – should you wear you best clothes or your worst? Is it worth doing fancy dress? How many shirts do you need to take? With that in mind, here’s our four top tips for stag do fashion!

1. Fancy Dress

Fancy dress is a classic stag do activity. Whether it’s all of you, or just the stag, no stag do party is complete without a bit of fancy dress. Make sure you get fancy dress into your stag do, it will be worth it when the pictures go up on Facebook!

2. Don’t wear your most expensive clothes

We’ve all got that one friend who likes his expensive shirts and shoes – but please try to discourage him from bringing them on the stag do! Yes, we all want to look nice for our evening out in Cardiff, Edinburgh, Newcastle, or London, but on a stag do, you’re never quite sure what’s going to happen. If you do want to wear your best clothes, be prepared to throw them away when you get home, as they’ll probably be either soaked in alcohol, ripped, or covered in pen, or a combination of all three.

3. Take enough clothes for the trip

This may sound like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised at how many stag do attendees don’t take enough clothes for the whole trip. Think of it this way – do you want to re-wear the alcohol soaked, kebab stained shirt three nights in a row? Probably not, so make sure that you pack enough clothes for your stag do party. It’s best to take a change of clothes for each day, and one for each night, as there’s no way of knowing just how messy it’s going to get.

4. Make sure you take hangover gear

You can’t underestimate how important it is to take hangover clothes on your stag do, especially if you’re going away for more than two days. By day 2 you’re going to feel like your world is ending, and what better way is there to grind out the hangover than by putting on some comfortable clothes and relaxing? We suggest baggy trousers or sports shorts, an old t shirt, and some comfy shoes. Once you’ve spent the day recovering in your hotel room, you’ll be ready to get showered, get dressed, and get on it again!

Photo: mad hatter by shimelle licensed under Creative commons 4

3 stag do myths debunked!

Stag dos are a major part of any man’s life. At some point in our lives, all of us are going to organise or attend a stag do – but with so much information out there about what’s best for your stag do, how will you know what to trust and where to begin? There are plenty of myths out there related to stag dos, from where you should go to how much it will cost you, but you shouldn’t believe any of them. To help you start on the right foot when planning your mate’s stag do, we’ve debunked three of the most common stag do myths out there.

Myth 1: you have to go abroad to have a great stag do

Although many people think that you have to go abroad to have a great stag do, this is simply not the case. Whilst going to a different country sounds like a good idea, many people don’t think about all of the complications involved, like passports, flights, travel expenses, the language barrier – I could go on. What’s more, you can have just as much, if not more fun at a stag do right here in the UK.

Myth 2: stag dos are always expensive

Despite the reputation that stag dos have for always being very expensive, this isn’t true. Certainly, some stag dos are going to be very expensive, but these are usually the ones that are poorly planned and organised – especially if they’ve been thrown together at the last minute. If you plan your stag do in advance, and let a company like us sort out your activities for you, you really can have a fantastic stag do on a reasonable budget, which will make more people want to come along.

Myth 3: you need to have loads of people

Stag dos are about quality, not quantity, and the groom won’t want everyone he’s ever known to be invited. Be selective and invite the people you really want to be there, and you’ll have much more fun.

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Games and pranks that break the ice on your stag do

The guest list on your stag do is bound to be diverse, and most people have groups of friends from school, uni, and sports teams, as well as a few family members, as guests on their stag weekend. While they may all be up for a laugh, the only thing they’re guaranteed to have in common with each other is their friendship with the groom, and you might need a way to get things a bit more lively before the booze kicks in. Here are a few ideas for pranks and games to kick off your stag do, and get everyone in the mood for a memorable night.

Beer pong

Beer pong originated at American college parties, and it combines drinking with a bit of healthy competition – perfect for a stag do! There are two teams, one on each side of the table, each with paper cups set up in a triangle shape. Each cup should contain beer, shots, or your booze of choice, and the other team has to throw a ping pong ball into one of the opposite team’s cups. If one lands in your cup, you have to down it, with the game getting increasingly messy as time goes on.


Kings is a simple game, and you only need a deck of cards and a lot of booze to get started. In the middle of the table you place a large glass, known as the king’s cup, with the playing cards set in a circle. Everyone takes a turn drawing a card, with each card having it’s own rules and forfeits. There are several sites that tell you which card gives which action. For example, drawing a three means you have to consume three ‘fingers’ of your drink. The first three people to draw a king have to pour some of their drink into the middle glass, with the unfortunate player to get the fourth king having to neck the contents of the king’s cup.

Embarrassing the groom

Let’s face it, a little bit of humiliation for the groom is traditional, and there are plenty of classics out there. From shaving off an eyebrow, to fake tanning half his face, there are lots of things you can conspire to do once he’s passed out drunk. During the night, you can also plan the traditional duct taping. For safety reasons, avoid taping the groom’s mouth.


A simple game you can play in any pub, thumbs involves nominating a thumb master, who at different points in the evening will discreetly place his thumb on the edge of the table. As the other stags see this, they put their thumbs on the edge, keeping up the conversation and acting naturally, until the last person cottons on. The last person to place their thumb has to do a forfeit, or take a shot.

Oops, we forgot

Wind up the groom by letting him go to the airport or train station alone, with the other stags hiding in a pre-arranged spot nearby. When he realises it’s nearly time to leave and starts frantically ringing round, you all have a sudden bout of amnesia, telling him you forgot the date until he’s nicely wound up. Bonus points if the groom is left waiting alone in fancy dress.

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