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How to create an iconic stag do group T-shirt

Group T-shirts have become an essential part of a decent stag weekend, performing the dual purpose of minimising luggage and signalling to locals that the lads have arrived to party. However, to make the T-shirt a truly unforgettable part of the weekend, there are a few tips to take the design to a new level.

1. Use a picture

Nobody wants to wear a T-shirt without a good picture, so go all-out. Get a horrendous picture of the stag, blow it up to cover almost the entire torso, and have a bit of fun. Why not add a picture of an ex-girlfriend to the back, or even the mother-in-law-to-be? Sail as close to the wind as possible when it comes to what is acceptable – just make sure the mother-in-law never gets her hands on one!

2. Neon colours

Nothing says stag weekend like a good neon T-shirt. If you’re visiting clubs, neon will help your group stand out among the other sweaty revellers, and will show the local female population that you are there to have some fun. Green, pink and orange work well regardless of location, and you might even look into using patterns to really stand out amongst the crowd. Plus, the eyesore colours will alert the group if Ian the accountant gets left behind.

3. Add a dare checklist

A stag do T-shirt should be more than just a symbol of your unity; it should bring out the innate competitiveness of the male species. If you are omitting a picture of the mother-in-law-to-be on the back (which, let’s face it, you probably should), a good alternative is to add a checklist of dares to be completed. As the group works through the weekend they can check off dares, such as downing three consecutive shots of Jäger, exchanging saliva with a brunette, and drinking a pint out of a stranger’s shoe.

4. Nicknames

Gentle ribbing is to be encouraged at all times, and nicknames are a good way of ensuring everyone gets their fair share of the banter. Perhaps go with a Muppets theme: single out Miss Piggy, Kermit and Gonzo, or alternatively follow the Harry Potter theme and label the nerdy Neville Longbottom. The possibilities are truly endless.

Photo: T Shirt by oatsy40 licensed under Creative commons 4

Paintball: the best sport for a stag party

A great stag do should be messy, chaotic and unpredictable. As such, it’s not surprising that paintball is such a popular and enduring stag activity. Played sober, it’s a heart-pounding adrenaline rush. Played drunk (as it should be on a stag do), it’s pure, joyous anarchy. In many respects, it’s the sport of somewhat inebriated kings. But what exactly makes it such an ideal stag activity?

Firstly, the competitive element of the game lends paintball a masculine edge. Us blokes love to indulge in a bit of harmless rivalry, especially if we get to wave daft, paint-firing guns around. It appeals to our primal instinct to establish our dominance and generally show off. We don’t get many chances to engage in this kind of competitive activity in our day-to-day lives, but a stag do is a ‘lads only’ gathering where we don’t have to worry about what other people might think. Ergo, it’s the perfect chance to break out the paintball guns!

In addition to providing an outlet for our natural rivalry, paintball is also a gloriously physical activity. Don’t worry: we’re not about to start banging on about how all the fresh air and exercise will be great for your health. There’s a much better reason to value the physicality of paintball: it’s a fantastic source of comedy. Any scenario that requires a group of fairly drunk men to navigate varied terrain while wielding paint-spewing toy weaponry is bound to result in hilarity and a few bruises – but mostly hilarity. If you go paintballing on your stag do, you’re bound to come away from the experience with a few amusing (and a few slightly embarrassing) memories.

Finally, let’s be honest: there’s something deeply cathartic about spattering your mates with an entire rainbow’s worth of colourful paints. A stag do should help you and your friends let off some steam and burn away some tension. There’s simply no better way to do that than with the anarchic power of paintball.

It may not be as risqué as a visit to a lap dancing club or as suave as an evening in an upmarket casino, but paintballing is still an amazing way to spend a stag do. It gets your blood pumping, lets you indulge your competitive nature and offers a much-needed sense of catharsis. Best of all, we offer paintballing stag weekends right here at, so don’t miss out!

The worst things you can do on a stag do

A stag do isn’t just about celebrating the groom’s impending wedding… it’s also about doing things that are so awe-inspiringly embarrassing that you can never speak of them again! It’s almost impossible for a stag do to be too wild, deranged and unpredictable, because that’s exactly what it’s supposed to be. However, there are a few things that you should avoid doing, even on the craziest of stag dos. They might seem like fun ideas or hilarious pranks at the time, but you’ll wake up the next day filled with regret. Well, technically you’ll wake up with a hangover and gradually become filled with regret as it wears off enough for you to remember what happened, but that’s beside the point.

First of all, you should probably refrain from shaving off the groom’s eyebrows. Depriving the groom of his eyebrows has become something of a tradition on alcohol-fuelled stag dos. Sadly, however, it’s not a terribly good idea. Most stag dos take place close to the wedding – some even take place the night before. In other words, the groom isn’t going to have time to regrow anything you shave off before the nuptials. Would you want to get married without eyebrows? Would you want to look back at your wedding photos years later and wish that they could have been there, sitting proudly above your eyeballs? No? I didn’t think so. Leave the groom’s eyebrows alone.

Secondly, don’t leave the country if the wedding is scheduled for the following day. That may sound blindingly obvious, but you’d be astounded by the number of stag dos that start out in London and end up somewhere in Scotland, Ireland or even mainland Europe. If your circle of friends is affluent enough to afford last-minute aeroplane tickets, the risk of waking up in the wrong nation after a stag do is very real. Remember: if you wake up, look out of your window and see the Eiffel Tower, something has gone very badly wrong.

Thirdly and finally, don’t get the groom arrested – nobody wants to get married in prison overalls. It’s perfectly natural for pranks to get out of hand on a stag do, but try to stay within the bounds of the law. You can always get back to your Lex Luthor-esque life of crime when there isn’t a wedding looming, if that’s your sort of thing (we’re not going to judge you).

3 tips for stag do photography

Stag dos are the greatest holidays you’ll ever go on, but no matter how much fun you have, there will always be one problem: trying to remember what happened that night in Edinburgh, Cardiff, London, Newcastle, or wherever you end up going. That’s why taking pictures is so important; with so much alcohol being consumed, there’s no way in hell you’re going to remember every detail of your night out, so you need to make sure that you capture it. So that you can remember your stag party for the rest of your life, here’s three tips for stag do photography!

1. Take disposable cameras

Whilst every human being that hasn’t been living under a rock for the last five years has a mobile phone with a camera better than most digital cameras, using disposable cameras is a great way to add an element of risk to your stag do party. Disposable cameras are inexpensive, easy to use, and take surprisingly decent photographs, but the best thing about them is that no one will know what’s on them until they are developed. For the best, most embarrassing, and funniest stag pictures, you should give everyone a disposable camera on the biggest night out of your trip, whilst banning anyone from using their mobile phone cameras. That way, no one will know what happened until you get them developed. It’s risky, but can make looking back through your stag pictures a whole lot more interesting.

2. Stitch up the groom

There’s no doubting that the best stag do memories are those in which the groom is being well and truly stitched up – so make sure you get it all on camera! As the best man or stag do party planner, it is your job to make sure that cameras are on hand at all times, and that the best stitch-ups are planned with photographs in mind!

3. Group shots

Stag dos are nothing without the group of lads you take with you – so make sure you get a couple of decent group shots. So that no one misses out on being in the picture, try getting a passer-by to take it for you.

Photo: My Camera by BigTallGuy licensed under Creative commons 4