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4 great stag weekend cities

OK best man, you’ve got your orders: make it a killer stag do. But first things first, choose a place that has it all.


London is one of the greatest cities in the world and it is easy to get to – trains, planes, automobiles, buses, coaches and speedboats serve the capital, so if you have folks coming from far and wide, this is a top location. There are endless clubs, bars, restaurants, strip joints, special events and hotels to choose from, but sometimes the prices are on the higher side, so you’ll probably end up paying a tad more for a pint than you would in the rest of the UK. There are budget-friendly places to stay and eat in London, however, so an itinerary can be put together with a bit of careful planning.


Bournemouth is packed with bars and there are curry houses on every corner. There are a few clubs too, and most things are concentrated in one area, which makes getting around a cinch. Then, of course, there’s the sandy beach to flop out on the morning after. And if you venture to the end of the pier, you can zip-wire your way back to shore. Accommodation can usually be booked at a reasonable nightly rate and cheap beer is easy to find.


Edinburgh offers up some unique experiences, like whiskey tasting sessions and clay pigeon shooting, and there are traditional pubs, lively clubs and plenty of places to chow down. Beer is cheap in this Scottish city and hotels are plentiful. Of course, the weather is often on the chilly side, but after a dram or two, no one will notice.


Newcastle knows how to host a stag do and there are bargain breaks to be had here. They have a comedy club if your group wants a good laugh and there’s paintballing, go karting and Segway tours to take in during the daytime – an endless choice of things to keep all the guys amused. You can’t go wrong with Newcastle.

Stag do parties and the craft beer revolution

There’s no denying that the craft beer revolution has fully taken hold in the United Kingdom. Whereas craft beer was once the reserve of a few specialists and beer geeks, you can now find craft beer in pretty much every pub across the UK, even including Wetherspoons and your dodgiest of locals! The question we need to ask, however, is how has the craft beer revolution affected the traditional stag do? It is still permissible to drink 24 cans of Stella, Carlsberg, or Carling when the craft beer geeks are hanging around? And have our tastes in beer changed so much over the last two years that traditional lagers just aren’t enough any more? Let’s try to answer a couple of these questions.

Has the craft beer revolution changed stag do parties forever?

The answer to this one is a definite maybe. While you’ll still be able to get normal lagers on your London stag do weekend, the craft beer revolution means that you’ll also be able to get beers from across the world, in loads of different types and flavours.

How can you integrate craft beer into your stag do party?

There are plenty of ways that you can get some craft beer into your stag do party. I mean, we’ve all got that one mate who won’t drink lager any more, but pleasing him isn’t as hard as you’d think. Whether you’re having a long stag weekend, or a stag do party in Cardiff, Newcastle, or anywhere else in the UK, the availability of craft beer in pretty much every pub in the country means that he can keep himself happy with a £5 bottle of beer while the rest of you enjoy your normal lager. You could also try taking a brewery tour (which really just means lots of free tastings and a free pint at the end), or go to a proper bottle shop to pick up some exotic beers for the stag.

There are plenty of things you can do to keep your craft beer-loving mates happy at your stag do party, so try some of them out and let us know how you get on!

The siren call of the sexy beer wench

Are you heading to an unfamiliar city for your stag do? It’s a perfectly sensible idea, given the kind of things you’re likely to get up. After all, nobody wants their stag do antics to be burned forever into their home town’s collective memory! The only problem with choosing to hold your stag do in a big city is finding your way around. Naturally, you want to maximise the amount of fun you have while minimising the amount of time you spend wandering around. With that in mind, why not hire a sexy beer wench to help you navigate your new environment?

Yes, you read that correctly: you can hire your own personal beer wench to help guide your stag party through a night of chaos and frivolity. What an age we live in!

Your beer wench will guide you to the best pubs and places of entertainment your locale has to offer, thereby taking the navigation pressure off the stag do participants. She’ll even wear a sexy outfit and pose for photos with the lads!

You may be concerned that having a guide along on your stag do will lessen the sense of unpredictability and spontaneity that’s so integral to a good night out. However, the beer wench’s job is to help you get where you want to go (and look darn good while doing it); she’s not there to micromanage your stag do. In other words, you don’t need to worry about her cramping your style.

There really are no disadvantages to hiring your own personal wench for your stag night. In fact, you could even consider hiring one for a friend’s stag do and surprising him!

Just remember, sexy beer wenches are there to help and guide you. Remember to treat them with respect and include them in your stag activities. You’ll be rewarded with an amazing evening at the best bars and venues your chosen city has to offer. If that sounds like a good time to you, it’s time to consider hiring a beer wench.