3 tips for stag do photography

Stag dos are the greatest holidays you’ll ever go on, but no matter how much fun you have, there will always be one problem: trying to remember what happened that night in Edinburgh, Cardiff, London, Newcastle, or wherever you end up going. That’s why taking pictures is so important; with so much alcohol being consumed, there’s no way in hell you’re going to remember every detail of your night out, so you need to make sure that you capture it. So that you can remember your stag party for the rest of your life, here’s three tips for stag do photography!

1. Take disposable cameras

Whilst every human being that hasn’t been living under a rock for the last five years has a mobile phone with a camera better than most digital cameras, using disposable cameras is a great way to add an element of risk to your stag do party. Disposable cameras are inexpensive, easy to use, and take surprisingly decent photographs, but the best thing about them is that no one will know what’s on them until they are developed. For the best, most embarrassing, and funniest stag pictures, you should give everyone a disposable camera on the biggest night out of your trip, whilst banning anyone from using their mobile phone cameras. That way, no one will know what happened until you get them developed. It’s risky, but can make looking back through your stag pictures a whole lot more interesting.

2. Stitch up the groom

There’s no doubting that the best stag do memories are those in which the groom is being well and truly stitched up – so make sure you get it all on camera! As the best man or stag do party planner, it is your job to make sure that cameras are on hand at all times, and that the best stitch-ups are planned with photographs in mind!

3. Group shots

Stag dos are nothing without the group of lads you take with you – so make sure you get a couple of decent group shots. So that no one misses out on being in the picture, try getting a passer-by to take it for you.

Photo: My Camera by BigTallGuy licensed under Creative commons 4

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