Clay Shooting Stag Party

Clay Shooting is rapidly becoming our most popular Stag Party  event. Once the sole province of the “Country Set”, Clay shooting is now accessible to vitually anyone over the age of 18 , with some centres offering a lower age limit.

Stag do party Clay Shooting

Stag Party Clay Shooting

The strict regulations in the UK over gun control and access means that Clay Shooting takes place only at approved sites under the watchful eye of qualified Instructors.

It is a perfect addition to any Stag do because so few guys have much if any previous experience in shooting with real firearms meaning that everyone is likely to be on a level playing field ! The Shotguns used are powerful and they do have quite a kick – but then again all you stags are hard men are you not? Have a look at the Video below which is NOT representative of clay shooting in the UK but does give you a flavour of what shotguns are all about.

Blonde Bombshell Shooting

The exhilaration and sense of achievement as that first clay target ( “pigeon”) explodes into a million bits is beyond compare which is why Clay shooting is so popular. The day can be as competitive as you want with scores easily kept to work who is “Top Gun” and who is buying the drinks in the pub afterwards. Here is another video that demonstrates the power of a shotgun- and NO you won’t be let loose with the gun like this girl. She is an expert!

Take a look at this Girl Shooting

Now do you understand why shooting is so addictive? We can organise clay shooting sessions all across the UK at prices that start from about £44.99. Take a look at just 4 of our top Clay shooting venues below.

Booking is simple- fill out the online enquiry form or simply give the team a call now on 0131 603 4860 and they can sort it all out in a few minutes!

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