How to guarantee the most embarrassing stag do ever

Whether you’re the stag, the best man, or just a lucky tag-along, stag dos are a hoot for all involved! Stag dos just aren’t stag dos though without a bit of drama, a few awkward encounters, and a whole heap of hilarious stories to tell the next day. To ensure yours is the mother of all bachelor send-offs, we’ve prepared a checklist to guarantee you never run out of cringing opportunities in the future.

Pack a sharpie

Well, it wouldn’t be a stag do unless at least one person spends an hour frantically trying to scrub profanities off their forehead the following lunchtime.

Make use of that front camera

Selfies are the trend that just keep giving, especially when they wind up going viral all over Facebook mere seconds after being uploaded. A good stag do should contain at least 10 selfies – the more humiliating the better, so be sure to include plenty of passed-out partiers in the background of yours.

Forget your sexuality

Whether it’s donning a sultry Chanel lippy or snogging one of your fellow stags, there has to be a slightly-surreal sexuality-questioning moment at least once. Warning: this event will be greatly exaggerated on every night out for years.

Lose a bet

A few tequilas later and you’re suddenly the expert on Mongolian elk. Curse the invention of Google, because you’re about to be proved wrong, and God help you when those stags set your punishment.

Become a prank victim

We’re big fans of the cling film on the toilet seat – the classics are always winners. However, your fellow stags are likely to be feeling VERY creative, they’ve been dreaming of this day for years. Watch. Your. Back.

Leave your phone unlocked

Sending your mum pictures of your bare bum, or texting your fiancée to let her know you’ve eloped to Zimbabwe with a woman you met in the taxi – your phone in the wrong hands could mean all sorts of trouble. Frape, anyone?

Having an embarrassing list of events from your stag do is a rite of passage into the married world, so when your best man tells your nan at your wedding about you singing Britney with your trousers round your ankles, embrace it! Good luck, we’ll see you on the other side.

Photo: IMG_3728 by andydr licensed under Creative commons 4

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