How to plan the ultimate London stag weekend

The unspoken rule of stag dos is anything goes – anything. We’d all love to have a Hangover-style stag that just sort of happens to turn into the most amazing night ever, but in reality the best stags take a bit more planning. That’s especially when you are planning a stag weekend in London.

London is massive and expensive – if you aren’t careful you could spend a whole night just getting from one place to another; spending a small fortune in the process. You want to make the most of your weekend, with maximum fun and minimum hassle, and that means planning. Luckily for you, we know all the ingredients for a great stag weekend, so follow our lead and give your stag a weekend to remember… (or forget).

1. Choosing your club

Every great stag weekend involves a few sweaty hours at a club. All the best places in London fill up fast, so call ahead and see if you can book a VIP table for you and your guys. It will cost extra, but it’s worth it to skip the queues and guarantee you a great spot at a hot club.

2. Book a package deal

OK, so we’re biased here given that we arrange the best ever stag package deals, but there is a reason they are so popular. All the hard work and booking has been done for you, and these deals usually work out a good bit cheaper than booking your activity, accommodation, and everything else separately.

3. Know your way around

Again, London is massive. Download a tube and bus map and limit yourselves to one section of the city (e.g. Shoreditch; Soho) so you don’t spend hours travelling through city centre traffic. Taxis are handy, but there are times when it might actually be quicker to take the bus or walk – for instance, if you going from Covent Garden to Soho. Having said that, it doesn’t hurt to have a few local minicab numbers pre-loaded in your phone, just in case.

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