What Makes A Good Lap Dancing Club?

What Makes A Good Lap Dancing Bar

What Makes A Good Lap Dancing Bar

One of the most important things about setting up a night in a lap dancing club is actually choosing the right place. Just because the club actually exists does not mean it’s any good – it could be an absolute dive with some of the most garish dancers you have ever seen!

Doing your research on a lap dancing club is very important before shelling out for a boy’s night out in the place. Nothing hurts more than when you can see the pound signs being flushed down the drain in front of you, while a dancer who looks far too much like your auntie dances in front of you – so if you are wondering what actually makes a good lap dancing club, these two key attributes are absolutely vital to the safe & guaranteed enjoyment of a good lap dancing club;


First things first, you don’t want to go to one of those lap dancing clubs with the sticky floor and the yellow walls from all the cigar smoke from the seedy regulars. Instead, you want to be trying to find a lap dancing club that’s cool enough that you guys can be yourselves without feeling awkward or intimidated, but classy enough that you won’t need a doctor’s appointment in the next morning just for setting foot in the place.

Class is everything in this world – a lap dancing club isn’t mea

nt to be like an old-school boozer or a pub. It’s got to be a bit glitzy, a step up from your usual water hole, and the girls have to be spot on. Don’t hire a place out for a big night out, especially a stag night, if you have reservations about the quality of the entertainment or indeed the venue itself.

If you want a good example of a well-run lap dancing club, then Seventh Heaven are well worth checking out. They’re a Glasgow based lap dancing club and brings the madness to you, while still retaining a level of class and composure that makes it perfect for a night out.


One thing that can make a lap dancing club unattractive is when you need to wait your turn! There should be a small armada of girls just waiting for you guys to come in, and girls that cover each member of the party’s tastes and style. Don’t be afraid to back out of a deal because the list isn’t quite what you are looking for, when it comes to a big night out you shouldn’t really be prepared to just settle – everyone is here to have a good time, so let them!

Quantity is something that lap dancing clubs abroad put to expert use, with plenty of selection in the eyebrow raising bars that you visit. According to AskMen, K5 Relax is one of the top clubs in the whole of Europe and who could disagree when you look through their roster? They’ve got the selection to go with the location!

Really, as long as the lap dancing club has these two attributes and enough room + quality drinks to keep you all going for the night, then you are good to go. The criteria isn’t exactly huge, but it will give you more than enough to actually start pushing back ideas for “good” lap dancing clubs around the UK and beyond.

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