Mud Buggies – Top Stag Do Event

We have all been go karting and some of us have even experienced 4 x 4 off road driving in the likes of Landrovers or Discoverys. All good fun, but nothing will prepare you for the drive of a lifetime in a mud buggy.

Stag Do Rage Buggies

Rage Buggy at N E Karting

The immense power to weight ratio, the fact that you can let the back end drift out at full speed throwing mud up everywhere, the unexpected muddy pot holes jarring your whole body until your teeth fall out are just some of the reasons that Stags insist on booking mud buggies as part of their weekend. Why drive round on a piece of boring polished tarmac in a kart or crawl along at 2mph in 4 wheel drive when Mud Buggies rip along at more than 40mph , through the worst mud you have ever seen and throw in a ridiculous amount of terror at the same time. Mud buggies have independent suspension with a rear wheel drive from powerful responsive engines up to 1000cc!
Still not sure if Mud Buggies or Rage Buggies as they are often called, are all they are cracked up to be- then have a look at this video from our top site in the North East of England.

Mud Buggies for Stag Do Weekends

Great Video eh?

Flooring that accelerator will soon have the back wheels in a frenzy with the back end trying desperately to overtake the front.

Stag Party Mud Buggies

Mud Buggies for Stag Days

Incredibly exciting, with the limiting factor being not your driving ability but your fear!

Booking Mud Buggies for your Stag Day Out

At StagDoParty we can book your Stags into one of our many tracks across the UK by calling 0131 603 4860. But time slots are limited so make sure you book in plenty of time- not the day before! Why not call now?

0131 603 4860

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