Planning a stag do on a budget

Some wedding parties go all out on their stag weekends, organising trips to places such as Las Vegas with all of the associated glitz and glamour. Sadly, though, most of us don’t have that kind of money to throw around – especially with the cost of the upcoming wedding looming over our heads.

So….how can you plan the perfect stag do on a budget? Luckily, it’s not as tough as you might think.

If you want to keep it local and low key, a pub trip and a meal won’t make too big a dent in your stags’ budgets. You’ll also find plenty of activities nearby such as paintballing, comedy clubs, go karting, laser tag and more that can keep you all entertained for a few hours before you hit the beers.

A lot of stags won’t want to have their stag party in their hometown though – for some people, it’s not special enough (plus there’s the risk of the bride to be finding out what actually happens on a stag night…!) You might think that an Edinburgh stag do or a Newcastle stag party will cost an arm and a leg, but you’re wrong!

Transport’s the real killer: we all know how much train tickets cost but if you book far enough in advance, you’ll save yourselves a whole heap of cash. It’s worth checking with your train line whether they do group tickets as well, as this could save you a fortune. If not, it’s designated driver time: pick a couple of people who are happy to drive there and back in return for a bit of petrol money.

But what happens once you get to your destination? Aren’t hotels really expensive too? That’s why you come to us – we’ve got some great budget packages in all different cities that’ll set you back under £100 a head – including somewhere to crash. Want to check out Bristol’s nightlife? Well book with us and you’ll enjoy two nights’ accommodation, lap dancing club entry and nightclub entry from £65.99 each – not to be sniffed at!

Most people think that going away for a stag weekend will cost an arm and a leg, but it doesn’t have to…check out our great value packages and you’ll find that you’ve got more money left than you’d expect for booze and private dances!

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