Stag do etiquette

As the stag do becomes increasingly elaborate, from stylish city breaks to stag weekends packed back to back with activities, everyone wants to plan the perfect party.

While Eastern European destinations are very popular, with the likes of Riga, Prague and Budapest topping one recent poll of top stag party destinations, you don’t have to go abroad to have the perfect stag do. In fact, Bournemouth also featured in the same survey of hotspots for stag weekends, and the seaside town has a varied choice of activities, from shooting to quad biking.

When deciding where to go, though, the groom and his best man should work together. Final choice of destination is down to the groom, the research and booking arrangements should fall to the best man.

What other key points of etiquette do you need to bear in mind?

You don’t need to feel duty bound to include everyone in the celebration. Just invite immediate male relatives and your best mates, ideally all of whom already know each other and get on well. If you want a heavy drinking evening and some full-on activities, this could be combined with a more sedate evening on another occasion for older relatives – at a quiet pub, for example.

Just make sure that whatever you do and whoever you do it with, you give yourself enough time for recovering afterwards, well before the wedding takes place.

Money can be a tricky aspect of stag dos. If you’re going away overnight, check with the lads and see if they’re happy to pay their share of the costs. Could you as groom pay for one meal for everyone, or sort out the bar tab on the first evening of a weekend?

Or if you are asking friends to pay for travelling to an activity day, could you subsidise the costs of taking part?

When it comes to getting the groom home in one piece after a heavy night, that’s down to the best man. Make sure they arrange a taxi home beforehand, and maybe decide in advance how late you’ll want to be.

Finally, if there’s any incriminating evidence afterwards, especially of a photographic nature, then it’s also down to the best man to get rid of that as swiftly as possible!

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