Stag do parties and the craft beer revolution

There’s no denying that the craft beer revolution has fully taken hold in the United Kingdom. Whereas craft beer was once the reserve of a few specialists and beer geeks, you can now find craft beer in pretty much every pub across the UK, even including Wetherspoons and your dodgiest of locals! The question we need to ask, however, is how has the craft beer revolution affected the traditional stag do? It is still permissible to drink 24 cans of Stella, Carlsberg, or Carling when the craft beer geeks are hanging around? And have our tastes in beer changed so much over the last two years that traditional lagers just aren’t enough any more? Let’s try to answer a couple of these questions.

Has the craft beer revolution changed stag do parties forever?

The answer to this one is a definite maybe. While you’ll still be able to get normal lagers on your London stag do weekend, the craft beer revolution means that you’ll also be able to get beers from across the world, in loads of different types and flavours.

How can you integrate craft beer into your stag do party?

There are plenty of ways that you can get some craft beer into your stag do party. I mean, we’ve all got that one mate who won’t drink lager any more, but pleasing him isn’t as hard as you’d think. Whether you’re having a long stag weekend, or a stag do party in Cardiff, Newcastle, or anywhere else in the UK, the availability of craft beer in pretty much every pub in the country means that he can keep himself happy with a £5 bottle of beer while the rest of you enjoy your normal lager. You could also try taking a brewery tour (which really just means lots of free tastings and a free pint at the end), or go to a proper bottle shop to pick up some exotic beers for the stag.

There are plenty of things you can do to keep your craft beer-loving mates happy at your stag do party, so try some of them out and let us know how you get on!

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