Stag dos for the older stag

It might be the second (or third) wedding, or it might just be that the groom took a really long time to commit, but whatever the reason, not all stags are in their twenties. How do you celebrate in an age-appropriate way, and does a thing even exist?

If the stag and his mates are no longer in the first flush of youth, the stag do needs a little rethink. Cheap booze, embarrassing pranks and bog standard accommodation simply won’t do, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a stag weekend to remember. There are plenty of things you can do that are different and a right laugh.

Choose a location that isn’t your typical stag destination, somewhere like the Scottish highlands, the city of York or the finer parts of London, and book a decent hotel that has an elegant bar and a fine restaurant. After all, you want to spoil yourself when you reach a certain age. Next, pick activities that you’ve never done before and are best done with a group of blokes. Something like clay pigeon shooting, archery, beer tasting or even a day at the races. Add in a long sit-down dinner with several courses and the proper accompanying alcohol. If your group is particularly sporty, there is a long list of things you could organise: golf, hiking, rock climbing, abseiling and even survival training. A full weekend of activities on offer without a stripper’s pole in sight!

What to consider when organising a stag party for an older gent

Think about all the guests when you book the day’s activities – chances are there’ll be a few different characters and abilities, so don’t organise things that most of the participants won’t be able to do. This could be tricky so try giving everyone a choice of things you’ve come up with and see how they react. Fancy dress on the older guy looks a bit sad, so don’t do it! But to add a bit of silliness, why not all wear something like a flat cap, snazzy waistcoat or bad-taste tie, or all agree to grow Magnum-style moustaches or goatees?

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