Why not improve your stag do… with zombies!?

Crikey: there are a lot of zombies around nowadays. They’re in our films, our video games and even our stag dos. That’s right: you can now enjoy zombie survival stag weekends. Truly, we live in an age of wonders. Over the past few years, zombies have become an increasingly important cultural touchstone. Now, it seems, we’re even inviting them to our pre-wedding parties.

But how exactly does a zombie-themed stag do work? There’s isn’t a singular answer to that question: different companies offer different experiences. Some providers offer zombie survival training in which you get to handle real weapons and receive expert tactical advice. Others have you running around the streets of the UK’s cities at night, pursued by an unstoppable legion of the dead. One company by the name of ‘Wish’ offers surprisingly in-depth zombie dramas. For example, one of their most complex and fully-realised packages (entitled ‘Zombie Blitz 1940’) is set in the war-torn London of (you guessed it!) the Blitz. You and your stag do attendees take shelter in the tunnels under the city to escape a bombing raid only to find yourself pitted against subterranean zombies. Participants should bear in mind, of course, that these ‘zombies’ are just actors in very convincing makeup and that you categorically should NOT remove the head and destroy the brain.

It might seem like an odd way to have fun on a stag do, but let’s face facts: there’s a certain masculine appeal to be had in pitting your wits and strength against a relentless horde of undead flesh-eaters (or underpaid actors if real zombies aren’t available). It’s a unique and inventive way of getting your blood pumping and your adrenaline flowing. Also, zombies are just cool. You know it, I know it and the British people know it: zombies are simply inherently awesome.

Of course, your enthusiasm for zombie-themed stag dos will vary depending on a number of factors. You have to be fairly tolerant of jump-scares and enjoy being frightened. You also have to be prepared to sacrifice a certain amount of alcohol-consumption (nobody should face an army of the dead while black-out drunk). As such, these bizarre stag dos aren’t for everyone. However, for true zombie fans, they’re a (very twisted) dream come true.

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