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Start your Stag night off at this classic french style restaurant in Bournemouth. Catch up with all the lads over a 3 course meal before heading on into town
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Cafe Rouge Stag Night Meal in Bournemouth

Any good stag weekend or even just a stag night needs to have a fantastic meal. And with Bournemouth’s premier Italian restaurant, The Bella Italia you are getting the best Italian dining experience for you and your mates. So come inside have a great meal, a few drinks and then hit the town.

Key Features

When it comes to Italian restaurant chains here in the UK you will find it hard to beat the Bella Italia. Bournemouth is a perfect place for an awesome stag night and there is no better place to start your evening than right here. A great meal simply has to happen and there is no better way to make sure that your whole stag party is taken care of. Yes even that bloke in your stag group who is the fussiest eater on the whole freaking planet.

So what exactly makes the Bella Italia such an amazing place to eat I can hear more than a few of you gents asking. Well to start with you are getting just the best of the best when it comes to a top of the line, high quality three course meal. Each course will send your taste buds to heaven, before you send your liver to hell when you hit the pubs and clubs of Bournemouth. The thing that makes this such a popular place is that you are just getting a fantastic meal with very generous portions and all at a very reasonable price.

As far as the three courses go I think that there really is something here at the Bella Italia for everyone. Let’s look at the starters. This is a great way to get your stomach ready for the pounding it’s about to take! One thing that is really popular from their starter menu is their Bruschetta e Mozzarella, which is the Bella Italia’s own amazing take of mozzarella sticks with all kinds of goodies such as tomatoes and onions coating them.

For your starter you really are spoiled for choice and even that moaning sod who claimed he does not like Italian food will find something on the menu. Their choice of classic Italian style baked pizzas is just amazing from peperoni to something more exotic. They have a great selection of popular Italian dishes such as Pizza Pepperoni Picante and Rigatoni Norma as well as a ton of different pasta and spaghetti style dishes. As far as their dessert menu goes you have a wonderful selection of tasty treats to pick from. Including a few varieties of Italian style ice cream that will really please your taste buds. They have a really cool selection of wines and other alcoholic beverages. But it’s worth nothing that these are not part of any meal bundle and all alcoholic beverages must be ordered on a per drink basis.

There is no better way to start your stag night than in the company of your best mates here at the Bella Italia. You will have some great food, amazing service and some let’s just say “decent” conversation with your friends.

Reasons Why This Italian Restaurant Is A Great Stag Do Event

A large and diverse menu has something for everyone.

Located in a perfect location for you to stroll onto the streets after and hit the town.

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