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The Bournemouth Party on a Bus is the ultimate Bar & Nightclub tour visiting 3 bars, non stop partying aboard the revamped bus before ending up at a top nightclub to chat up the girls
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Stag Night party on a bus in Bournemouth

Bournemouth is a great place for a stag night. I know it and you know it, but there are so many great places it can be hard to know where to go add into that the size of the place and walking from pub to pub is a royal pain in the ass. So screw that and hop on board the party bus and party your way around the best night spots in Bournemouth.

Key Features

The Party Bus is actually pretty much what you would expect it to be. It is literally a party on a freaking bus! I know that sounds nuts and that in a way never in a million years would work. But there is no better way to spend your stag night than on the party bus! More and more people are realising this is the only way to party the night up in Bournemouth!

This is not just a case of you and your mates piling onto a bus and then drinking as it drives around a council estate…… while that may very well be awesome what they have in store for you guys is even more, well awesome. You see when you buy a ticket for the Party Bus it’s not just the bus you will be going on. Your ticket gets you entry into three of the best bars that Bournemouth has to offer. So in other words you guys will be going on a good old fashioned stag night pub crawl. Also though you will get VIP entry into one of the city’s premier nightclubs where you can party it up and finish the night!

What makes this so cool is that once you have finished up in one bar there is no walking to the next one like a bunch of Neanderthals. You guys instead will hop on board the party bus and keep on drinking and partying until you reach your next destination. There is just something so cool and rock star like about partying on a bus as you are heading to another pub to get even more drunk! You then get to repeat the whole thing again….. and again until you boys area ready to end the night in a nightclub. And once the party bus pulls up to the nightclub there is no waiting in line like those other losers, not a chance in hell! You boys are on the list so you get to stroll right in.

In all this is just a great way to do a stag night. All you need to do is pay for your tickets and then they handle all the rest. I can hear some of you saying that “ I have a mate who is a moron and will miss the bus leaving” well do not worry because they have dealt with a ton of drunken stag parties and they will make sure everyone is accounted for.

The maximum amount of people you can have on the Party Bus is 40 with 12 being the bare minimum. It’s pretty popular so book as far in advance as you can. Also they encourage that you guys get really into your stag do festivities and dress up in ridiculous costumes!

Reasons Why The Party Bus Is A Great Stag Do Event

Well to start with it’s a party on a bus!

No planning where to go! The Party Bus will do all the planning for you guys.

VIP entry to a nightclub ensures that there is no freezing your butts off outside. 

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