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On this military style assualt course there is always someone that falls off the rope swing into the water- Hilarious unless it is you!
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Assault Course for Stag Days

Ok listen up ladies! What we have here is the perfect stag do event for you guys to prove who really is the ultimate man of your stag party. This is a military, marines, army style assault course that will test you guys to the limit. So get ready and see if you are man enough for the challenge!

Key Features

An assault course is a really classic and just down right amazing idea for a stag event. It is the perfect chance for you gentlemen to compete against each other and see who is number one. An assault course is the way that the forces will get their men into shape and see how fit they are. This is a fun stag do event where you guys can have some fun together, get wet and muddy and have a clear cut winner at the end of the day……. And of course a designated loser as well!

This is a really cool assault course in that it combines all the things that you would expect from a military style assault course. So keep in mind this is going to be quite challenging. Now obviously there are going to be more than a few physical challenges here, but this is an assault course that will also make you think on your feet. And in most cases the guy who does the course the best is the one who figures out the smartest way to get through the different things that the course throws at them. So you have a perfect blend of challenging and fun and the guy in your stag party who has watched Full Metal Jacket a million times will have the time of his life here!

So what does this assault course have in store for you, the groom and the rest of your stag party? Well to name just a few things there is a really tough water crossing where you need to use your skills to get over the rope, without falling into the water below! There will be more than a few cargo nets and rope crossings that you need to navigate.  These are a great test of mental and physical strength. Monkey bars and of course the assault course favourite a huge ass wall that you will need to climb over. In all this is a well stacked assault course that is going to leave you guys well and truly knackered at the end of the day, but you will also have a ton of fun. Most stag groups like to make this a competition where there is a prize for the winner and then there is some kind of funny forfeit for the guy who comes in last.

You need to have at least 12 people in your group to make a booking and you are looking at around an hour. You will get special clothing here, but you will need to wear appropriate clothing to go under it. Also as you will be getting wet and dirty a change of clothes is a great idea.

Reasons Why An Assault Couse Is A Great Stag Do Event

Test yourself to the mental and physical limits with this amazing assault course.

It is funny as hell as you get to watch your friends fall in the water and flat on their faces in the mud.

You can make a competition of it with there being a winner and a loser for the day!

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