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Bournemouth Stag Weekends

Here are some top reasons to book your Bournemouth Stag with StagDoParty

  • We have the best activities under the sun.
  • With just one call, your whole stag do is organised!
  • We are the party kings and will make sure you are happy
  • We offer a no hassle, no BS service!
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Money Saving Bournemouth Stag Do Packages

Boys on a Budget

SAVE £14.99
Another one of our Price busting Bournemouth Stag weekend packages. All the basics including 2 nights stay, entry to a lap dancing Club as well as a top Bournemouth Nightclub.
  • Location: Bournemouth
  • Paintball Havoc

    SAVE £11.99
    We have combined all the classic things that most stags need for the perfect weekend in Bournemouth- Lap dancing, Clubbing, Paintball Mayhem and - oh yes 2 nights accommodation as well
  • Location: Bournemouth
  • Karting Capers

    SAVE £13.99
    Speed is the name of the game here. Get your mates down to the karting track and compete against each other - will you win? ►2 nights accommodation, Lap Dancing Club Entry, Nightclub Entry on both nights and Go Karting.
  • Location: Bournemouth
  • Lock, Stock & Barrel

    SAVE £17.99
    A weekend that will start with a laugh and continue throughout your stay - will you make the clay pigeon shooting a competition? ► 2 nights accommodation, Comedy Club, Nightclub Entry on both nights and Clay Pigeon Shooting.
  • Location: Bournemouth
  • 12 of The Best

    SAVE £24.99
    Check out the twelve great reasons why you and your mates should head to Bournemouth - will your survive?? ► 2 nights accommodation, 2 course meal on both nights, Casino, Nightclub Entry on both nights, Rage Buggies, Blindfold Driving, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Human Table Football and Lap Dancing Club Entry.
  • Location: Bournemouth
  • Why Come To Bournemouth?

    Bournemouth is so classically English it is just ridiculous. There is a great mix of English coast line, country side and a pretty damn fine party scene as well. In all this is just a really nice place to come and while it may not be as banging as Manchester, wild as London or as crazy as Edinburgh. Bournemouth is a cool place for a stag weekend as there is a good mix of things you can get up to during the day and you can also get up to some shenanigans in the evening as well.

    Bournemouth, as well as becoming a very popular stag weekend hot spot also has some good tourist attractions going on as well. The Jurassic Coast is an amazing sight and some say the best coast line in the whole UK, sadly as cool as it is the name is a bit of a scam as there are no dinosaurs here…… I know I have looked! If you are into nature then a short trip to Brownsea Island is home to some cool wildlife. Also there is the Bournemouth International Centre which plays host to many of the big music and other live entertainment acts all through the year. Bournemouth is also internationally known for its amazing beaches where you can bring a few beers and a picnic and chill out- day or night!.

    Worst Thing about Bournemouth

    The singers and singing tramps- Not only are they scary -but they cannot even sing-Avoid them like the plague!

    Places To Eat And Shops To….. Well Shop

    While many stags are more than happy to just fill up on a Burger King or some other kind of fast food, some of you want to really enjoy some pucka food. Lucky for you, Bournemouth is home to over 250 different restaurants. A few (of my personal favourites) are The Bournemouth Pizza Co who just have a load of different pizza options for you at a great price as well I might add. For a more “up market” (but still not breaking the kitty) dining experience you guys cannot go wrong with Gibleys Restaurant with it mix of English and French Classic dishes.

    Now I have no idea why you would want to go shopping, maybe you need a new shirt after you had a few too many the night before? Anyway there are plenty of places to go shopping here. But Castle Point Shopping Park is the biggest and has all the major stores you could want.

    How To Have Fun During The Day

    Here we have just a few of the things that are on offer in Bournemouth. Before you hit the town in the evening, you guys need to have a little fun! Here we have some stag do activities that make the best of the Bournemouth coast!

    Now that is what we call Tank Driving!

    Bournemouth is home to some of the best surfing action in the UK. Now granted you would not want to do this if your stag weekend is in November, but learning to surf is just such a great stag do event. Here you guys will be able to make fun of each other as you constantly wipe out! Surfing is far harder than you may think, but even if you suck this is still something that is fun and this is also a stag do activity that you cannot do in many other places.

    Our Fave Cafe

    South Coast Roast at 24 Richmond Hill- superb coffee, great artwork- Check it our here

    Bush Craft is located just outside Bournemouth, but is well worth the short drive. Bush Craft is all about teaching you how to survive in the wild. I am sure you have seen about ten episodes of Bear Grylls and think you could survive anywhere! But here you will be taught how to start a fire, build a shelter and even catch food. This is so much fun and a great way for you guys to bond…….. and learn how to survive in case you are ever shipwrecked. Sadly it does not teach you how to survive a Stag weekend with crazy mates!

    In case you are wondering what Coasteering is- let me tell you. This is an adventure like no other. You and the rest of your stags will be earning your beers later in the night here. You will need to explore the coastline and do things like climb up rock faces, explore caves and make your way through all kinds of crazy things and overcome obstacles as well! You never know what is going to be thrown your way and your guide will make sure you get to see the really cool stuff. Coasteering in Bournemouth is amazing as no other area in the UK has such a cool coastline to explore.

    Charter a boat and go on a deep sea fishing adventure with your mates. This is a fun, chilled out activity that will make your stag day really relaxing before you hit the pubs and clubs.

    Shark fishing?- perhaps not- but still amazing fun!

    Even for you non fishermen this is just a great time and even if you do not catch anything, just being on the boat with a drink in your hand and having a laugh with your mates makes for a great time.

    What To Do To Ensure The Best Stag Night!

    Ok Bournemouth does not have loads of nightclubs, but that does not mean there is nothing to do here. So below we have some suggestions to make your stag night one to remember!

    If you like to laugh and are not easily offended then you need to come to Jaggers Comedy Club! They have some of the best comedy acts that the UK has to offer. What is really cool is that once the laughs have ended this place will let you stay and party until three in the morning! This is a great venue and will make for the perfect place to come and laugh then party on your stag night.

    As far as the nightclubs go there are a few really cool ones in Bournemouth, Halo is one of the most popular and is the place where all the sexy ladies of Bournemouth like to come and party. At Halo you get some great drinks at reasonable prices, a really cool vibe and just an all-round VIP experience. Certain nightclubs just have a “cool factor” and Halo is one of those nightclubs.

    Man is there a more famous chain of lap dancing clubs than Spearmint Rhino! The Spearmint Rhino in Bournemouth is a great place for a stag night. You want the groom to have a big smile on his face and a big something else. Then the ladies here can sure as hell do that. No matter if they are on the pole or on the stage, you guys will be very happy here! You guys will be getting the sexiest women, best personal attention! Great drinks and just an all-round amazing time!

    It is Official!- Every Stag Night in Bournemouth must have naked women!

    A casino for a stag night is a real classic and Grosvenor Casino is a place where you gents can have a great time. As well as offering all kinds of gaming like poker, black jack, slots and many more. Grosvenor Casino also has a fully stocked bar and even a buffet so you can grab a bite to eat. Also these guys will teach you how to play the games with some fun gaming tuition which has proven very popular with stag groups. Even if you do not want to gamble, Grosvenor Casino is still a cool place to have a drink, food and cheer your mates on as they try to win big.

    Getting To Bournemouth

    Bournemouth is pretty centrally located down on the South Coast so getting here no matter if it’s by car, train, bus or even airplane is not going to cause you any headaches. Rail is the easiest and most convenient way for you guys to make your way here. If you are coming by car, once you get on the M3, you pretty much just head South. If your feet get wet then you have gone too far! Many places offer a coach directly to Bournemouth so that is always an option as well.




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