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Bournemouth Stag Day Ideas

Bournemouth may be known for having some of the most amazing coastline in the UK, but it should be known for being a great location for a wet and wild stag weekend. I’m not messing with you here. There are loads of cool things to get up to. No matter if you want your stag weekend action-packed or a bit more chilled out, you’ll be happy with what’s on offer here in Bournemouth.

Top three daytime activities in Bournemouth

Our Top Stag Party Ideas in Bournemouth

5-A-Side Football

£ 39.99
5 A Side Football is a sure fired way to settle old scores on a Stag day out in Bournemouth. Action packed this is going to be a balls to the wall kind of event.
  • Reference: PR-2604
  • Min No: 10
  • Assault Course

    £ 34.99
    On this military style assualt course there is always someone that falls off the rope swing into the water- Hilarious unless it is you!
  • Reference: PR-1654
  • Min No: 12
  • Bubble Football

    £ 29.99
    Bubble football now available in most UK Cities including Scotland. Best deals in the UK run by qualified referees. Hilarious and fun events suitable for everyone even non footballers!
  • Reference: PR-11248
  • Min No: 14
  • Bush Craft

    £ 31.99
    Learn how to survive in the wild with this Bush and Camp Craft course, offered in the iconic Southern England countryside.
  • Reference: PR-4042
  • Min No: 10
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting

    £ 40.00
    Come and put your concentration and skills to the test as you use authentic shotguns to take down thirty clay pigeons. Will you have the best score?
  • Reference: PR-8848
  • Min No: 12
  • Coasteering

    £ 50.99
    Coasteering challenges you to overcome the geological challenges of the South England coast. Explore caves, tunnel systems and plunge pools before taking on jumps as high as 25 ft into the English Channel!
  • Reference: PR-6742
  • Min No: 6
  • Deep Sea Fishing

    £ 549.99
    Welcome aboard! You and your mates will be taken out to sea by an experienced skipper to enjoy some quality deep sea fishing, drinking and each other’s company.
  • Reference: PR-2592
  • Min No: 10
  • Go-Karting

    £ 47.99
    It’s time to race! Get your best stags and head down to the track to race these professional go karts! Find out who’s the best on the track and who’s buying the first round of drinks!
  • Reference: PR-6868
  • Min No: 3
  • It's a Knock Out

    £ 39.99
    It’s A Knock Out returns to offer a unique, hilarious team building event that has teams facing each other in a range of wacky activities. Expect giant costumes, inflatable obstacles, plenty of foam but even more laughs!
  • Reference: PR-2063
  • Min No: 8
  • Mountain Biking

    £ 34.99
    Get your mates together and take on some of the best off road tracks in the UK. Following an experienced instructor, you’ll see some incredible views, all while making the most of your day before a great night!
  • Reference: PR-2482
  • Min No: 10
  • Paintball

    £ 10.00
    The best way to sort friendly rivalries and decide who’s the best shot in the group. Discuss strategy, tactics and get your game on at paintball!
  • Reference: PR-4324
  • Min No: 16
  • Quad Biking

    £ 44.99
    Got the need for speed? Come race on the 250cc Quad Bikes and enjoy the rush and drama at Bournemouth’s top outdoor racing location!
  • Reference: PR-1680
  • Min No: 8
  • Rage Buggies

    £ 44.99
    Let’s take it off road lads. This time we’re racing rage buggies around purpose built race tracks! Are you up for the challenge?
  • Reference: PR-9918
  • Archery

    £ 19.99
    Get back in touch with our ancestral history by taking up the bow at our outdoor range north of Bournemouth. Perfect for competitions and chilled out play.
  • Reference: PR-8049
  • Min No: 2
  • Off Road Karting

    £ 39.99
    Off Road Karting is like nothing you will have experienced before. Fast dynamic karts with attitude requires concentration and bottle to get to that podium position.
  • Reference: PR-10669
  • Min No: 6
  • The best stag day activities in Bournemouth

    I had a blast here in Bournemouth, mixing with the locals and drinking in the amazing atmosphere. I’m sure you lads will be welcomed with open arms in all the cafés, bars and other places you go.

    First of all I have to start with coasteering. Holy crap, this was awesome. Now, I like to hit the gym, but I am in far from in peak condition. Despite this, I was thankfully still able to handle this adventure, so please don’t think this is just for the super-fit. The idea is that you make your way along the coastline, and you can swim, jump, climb and even moonwalk if you want. The journey is amazing and your guide will be on hand to offer advice and a helping hand. This is an activity where you will be totally done-in by the end of it, but I mean that in the best way.

    These days, go karting is in the top ten of most stag day activities lists. It’s just something that us lads love to do. These guys offer as close to the F1 experience as you are going to get. It’s not just a case of getting in the karts and then driving around like you’re freaking Super Mario. They have actual heats, a proper race and then a final championship race to see who the best driver is. I know that go-karting may be a predictable choice, but who cares? A stag weekend is all about having fun and that is what you get in spades here.

    “Wow” was what I said as I first entered the battlefield here at Camouflage Paintball. I have never been to a paintball arena that has such elaborate structures as they have here. They have bridges, towers and many more places that you can use to your advantage in battle. My group had a tremendous time here, and using the different areas of the arena to help you try and win was a huge part of the fun. And no matter how many games of paintball I play, shooting my closest friends at point blank range right in the back when they least expect it, never gets old.

    Are you man enough to embrace your primal instincts and survive a day/night of bush craft? “What the hell is bush craft?” I hear you ask. Well, it’s you and your mates being in the middle of nowhere and having to learn survival skills to build a shelter, start a fire, hunt and cook! This is a great activity and a lot of fun. Plus you are learning actual survival skills that can come in handy if you ever find yourself lost in the woods. I get lost in the woods at least four times a year and this bush craft training has served me well.

    Bubble Football is a great way to spend an hour with your mates doing something physical during your stag weekend. The football aspect of this is almost secondary as you will be smashing into each other trying to get the ball. Oh, did I forget to mention that you’ll be inside giant inflatable bubbles as you play football? This is crazy! And there’s nothing funnier than watching a mate roll over onto his head and get stuck. No matter whether you love or hate football, this is one of the most fun stag day activities you can do!

    Next up I have some 12-bore shotguns for you to play with as you do some clay pigeon shooting! I have no idea what a 12-bore shotgun actually is, all I know is that it nearly knocked me on my arse when I shot it. So as you can see, these guns have some serious power behind them, and when you finally make the shot and blow a clay into pieces you’ll feel like a real action hero. This is harder than you may think, and I’m sure you’ll all want to prove that you are the best marksman of the group.

    Here are some more cool activities for you!

    Here are a few of the more… let’s just say… not as well known or popular stag day activities. These are all still really fun, but they don’t get the attention the other ones do.

    One thing that not enough people do here in Bournemouth is learn to surf. Even if you spend most of the time flat on your back in the water (kind of like what I did) this is still a great experience. We had a hell of a great time here and all of us (well at least for a minute or two) managed to ride the waves, thanks to some instructors with patience like a saint! The best thing about surfing here, as opposed to in places like Hawaii or Australia, is that (a) we have better beer, and (b) here there are no sharks!

    The Altitude High Ropes Course is one of the most popular places for a wee bit of adventure in Bournemouth. It can be pretty damned scary as you try to make it across the moving beams that feel like they’re being held up with string! You can gently encourage your mates to go past you while you calmly make your way across… Who am I kidding? You’ll all be making fun of each other and be calling each other names and praying that everyone’s crap except you! But that’s just part of the fun here. The course is challenging, but not too over the top, and I’m sure you’ll all be able to make your way through it.

    Next up, I have something that may very well be from the future! And that is 6D cinema. Now, I have no idea what happened to 4D and 5D cinema and why we jumped straight to 6D, but seeing one of these specially made films feels more like a ride than a movie. This is kind of like virtual reality and you will genuinely feel like you are in the movie. I’m serious here as well – it’s not like those crappy 3D films where something jumps out of the screen. This is one hell of a surreal experience, and something that doesn’t take too long, so if you have a spare hour I highly recommend you try this out.

    For those who want something different from paintball or just don’t want to be covered in bruises on their delicate skin, then try Laser Quest! This is loadsafun, and I would also say it’s a bit more fast-paced than paintball. You see, with unlimited ammo you can just go balls-to-the-wall, not give a crap, and just go for it. There’s no need to conserve ammo or plan your shots carefully, you can be just like a hero from an action film where they never seem to run out of bullets. We had a great time playing Laser Quest, and you’ll be pretty blown away at just how tiring this is. This is the kind of stag day activity that is perfect when followed up with a couple of beers.

    Not sure where to go for your basic needs (no, not those needs)? Then read on!

    A good & filling breakfast

    For a full English breakfast – and I mean a full English breakfast, not like some greasy spoons try to pass off these days with just one egg and a slice of bacon – then head to Binnie's Cafe and you will be very happy and very full.

    A nice lunch… when you have fussy eaters in your group

    For lunch you really cannot go wrong with Day's Buffet Restaurant where, for a great price, you can get an amazing all-you-can-eat buffet. They have something for everyone here and you can really load up your plate!

    Getting a cab 

    United Taxis are the largest taxi firm in Bournemouth. If you nearly get hit by a taxi when crossing the street then odds are it’s one of these. There are tonnes of taxi companies here, so getting from A to B, with perhaps a stop at C, you’ll be fine.

    Zombie outbreak (when to avoid Bournemouth)

    Bournemouth, like Bristol, Blackpool and other seaside towns, is a real hotspot for tourists, and more specifically, families. So if a tonne of kids running around screaming and making everything sticky is your idea of a nightmare, then you may want to avoid the school holidays.


    AFC Bournemouth are the football team here and they play in the Championship. Poole Bay is home to many kinds of water sports which are pretty cool to watch.

    What kind of festivals do they have?

    The biggest festival (well, in my opinion) is the Arts By The Sea Festival which involves a whole tonne of different things, from films, music and other artsy type stuff. Another popular festival here in Bournemouth is the Bournemouth Food & Drink Festival, which as I am sure you’ve already guessed, is all about food and drink, and it lasts for a crazy ten days!

    I ain’t got time to bleed (what if I need a pharmacy?!)

    Yeah, how cool is my Predator reference there? Now, I’m not saying you will encounter the Predator, Aliens, zombies or any other kind of monsters during your Bournemouth stag do, but if you do and you get a few scrapes and bruises, then Asda have a pharmacy that is open until 10 pm most nights of the week.



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