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Brighton Stag Weekends

Here are some top reasons to book your Brighton Stag with StagDoParty

  • We have over 150 awesome activities to pick from!
  • No hassle for you! We take care of everything
  • Our online tools are the easiest and most reliable!
  • A great choice of different styles of accommodation
  • You will not go broke with our phenomenal prices!

Stop Right There

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Money Saving Brighton Stag Do Packages

Brighton on a Budget

SAVE £15
Your mates can't moan at you - A weekend away - good price, lap dancing club and nightclub - they will think you are amazing ►2 nights accommodation, Lap Dancing Club Entry and Nightclub Entry.
  • Location: Brighton
  • Paintball Havoc

    SAVE £25
    How do you fancy causing some havoc at this paintball site and then causing more mayhem at both a Brighton lap dancing club and a Night Club ► 2 nights accommodation, Lap Dancing Club Entry, Nightclub Entry on both nights and Paintball.
  • Location: Brighton
  • Lock, Stock & Barrel

    SAVE £25
    Persuade your mates to head to Brighton with you for the weekend and then shoot more clay pigeons than they do!!!! ► 2 nights accommodation, Lap Dancing Club Entry, Clay Pigeon Shooting and Nightclub Entry.
  • Location: Brighton
  • Karting Capers

    SAVE £25
    Karting is just one of the capers we have lined up for you in Brighton. What else you get up at the Lap Dancing Club and Nightclub is entirely up to you guys ►2 nights accommodation, Lap Dancing Club Entry, Nightclub Entry on both nights and Go Karting.
  • Location: Brighton
  • Why Brighton Is The Place For You!

    Brighton is a really popular place for stags and on a nice summer day there is no better backdrop than the beach and sea of Brighton! And even in the winter while you may be freezing your ass off, Brighton still has a great charm to it. As well as offering a ton of fun things for you guys to do on your stag weekend there is also plenty of stuff for the tourists in your group to enjoy.

    Get your kit off and get into the sea with the local talent

    No matter if it’s during the day or evening. Brighton Pier is a great place to go, grab some chips and have a laugh. If the weather is good and you are feeling brave then why not head to the popular Brighton Nudist Beach. One of the most popular attractions in Brighton not just for a stag do, but for tourists in general is the very popular Brighton Sea Life Centre. There are plenty of crazy big fish here that could easily have you for lunch if you get a little too close! And if you time your stag weekend just right you can maybe even check out the world famous Brighton Festival.

    Things You Stags Can Do On A Night Out

    I am sure that some of you do not really think of Brighton as having the craziest night life in the country, but Brighton does have more than a few awesome things to make you very happy…… and drunk!

    Jedi Capital of The UK

    The majority of Jedi's in the UK according to the 2001 census -live in Brighton- Bunch of Wermos?

    If you want to laugh your asses off and hopefully stop your brutal mate telling his god awful jokes -then a night of comedy at the Krater Comedy Club is just what the stag do doctor ordered. Many of the best comedians from the UK and other parts of the world (many who have been on TV) perform here on a regular basis. As well as this they also have some new up and coming acts  that can be hilarious if it all goes wrong. If you want to see some great comedy and also eat some damn nice food then check this place out.

    Coalition could not be in a more cool location! This place is right on the beach and is one of the most popular clubs in Brighton! Coalition has some of the best music you will hear. With live DJ’s playing nearly every night the party is always jumping here. For a group of lads on the prowl there is no better place than here as all the hot ladies of Brighton like to party in Coalition. No matter if you want to dance or just kick back, this is the nightclub for you.

    Cash only you little squirt- Don't even think of swiping your card!

    Oh yeah! What we have here is the top of the ladder high class lap dancing club in Brighton. There is only the best of the best when it comes to sexy looking ladies here. Platinum Lace has a great variety when it comes to its “entertainment” . You can make the groom happy…… or uncomfortable by buying him a private dance. Or you can kick back and enjoy one of the pole dancing shows, sexy stag shows and in general just try and hide your excitement with whatever you can find. Seeing naked chicks on a stag weekend has to happen! And there is nowhere better than here!

    A stag weekend should be fun and The Haunt is all about having a great time. This may not be a mainstream club in Brighton, but it’s one that you guys will remember for the rest of your lives! Each weekend is 80’s and 90’s theme nights! They are always having some kind of crazy thing going on here. So go back in time and pretend you are Marty McFly from Back to the Future and party like its 1985!

    Fun Activities You Can Do During The Day

    Before you gents hit the town for a night of partying, you need to have some fun during the day. Lucky for you we have a few of the best things Brighton has to offer right down below!

    Remember that nuts TV show, It’s a Knockout…… well even if you do not this is still a great stag do event! This is kind of like a mini competition where your stag party will have to take part in all kinds of mental and some humiliating games! You guys are playing for prizes, honour and most importantly for fun. It's A Knockout is not some cheap knock off either. They use actual props from the TV show. If you want a mental time then this is for you guys!

    You can take part in this the craziest of TV games-It's a Knockout

    This ain't no game of Mario Kart! Well actually that would be awesome if it was, but Team Sport offer you stags some of the best fun, balls to the wall kart racing action in Brighton. This track is just freaking awesome and with its tunnel, tight turns, fast straights and double apex will separate the good drivers from those who in any sane world would have had their license taken away years ago!

    Ok ladies it’s time to lock and load and blow your mates away! Paintballing is the ultimate stag weekend event and here you are getting to play in a huge ass paintball arena that has different themed games for you to play with each one having its own setting, rules and story. This is just so much fun and one of the best pleasures you can get in life is shooting your best friend right in the ass when he does not expect it. You get all geared up, get to use the latest paintball guns, get a generous amount of ammunition and then it’s off to war.

    Just a short drive from Brighton, but this is well worth it! Mud Mania is racing for you guys who like to get down and dirty. Mud Mania will see you driving these bad ass off road buggies that look like go karts that have taken a whole load of steroids.

    Bad ass Mud Buggies. Only Stags with attitude will tame them!

    These things are fast as hell and handle like a dream! Racing around the track is just an absolute blast here. If you want to blow of some steam before you hit the pubs and clubs then this is for you!

    Shopping & Eating In Brighton

    There are plenty of shops in Brighton and all the big boys are pretty much here, but if you want something a little different, a little cooler and without much of the corporate BS you get in the big chain stores then head to The Lanes where some more established stores mix with some quirky and cool ones. Want a nice new shirt for the club? Then check out The Lanes.

    As far as eating goes with this being a place on the seaside you are spoiled for choice. There are of course plenty of classic fish and chip places. But if you want to sit down with a nice meal before you hit the town then you cannot go wrong with The Bella Italia who offer a great range of pizzas as well as many other classic and tasty Italian dishes.

    If you want to just stick with the basics however then Brighton has plenty of the classic fast food places such as McDonalds, Burger King and KFC all places I am sure you stags love to go!

    Worst thing about Brighton?

    The flocks of thieving, chip pinching, high altitude shitting seagulls. Dont wear any decent clothes!

    Getting to Brighton

    On the train, Brighton is under an hour from London and is really easy to get to no matter where in the country you are coming from. Many places also run coaches to Brighton. So if none of you guys want to be the driver then you are ok here! But if you do want to drive, Brighton is pretty easy to get to with the A23 and A27 both going to get you here. Once in Brighton there is a good bus service that can take you around.




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