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Stag Night Ideas Brighton

Man, Brighton really ticks every single box on a list of what makes the perfect place for a stag night! No matter what kind of antics you want to get up to – be it having a few beers at one of the hundreds of bars, grinding up on a sexy local in the club, or having a hot chick grind up on you in a lap dancing club – for a truly wild stag night, you sure as hell picked the right place in Brighton.

Top three night time activities in Brighton

  • Lap dancing club
  • Comedy club
  • Pryzm nightclub

The best stag night activities in Brighton

Jeez, I had a hard time narrowing down this list! But I think I’ve done a fine job in picking the best and most popular things you can do on a stag night in Brighton.

Top of the list, there’s that age old tradition of a lap dancing club! Since the age of cavemen, there have been guys going to lap dancing clubs on a stag night, and a night in Brighton should be no different, if you ask me. I had a hell of a great time here in the Pussycat Club (awesome name, by the way). There’s nothing wrong with watching some hot girls shake their booty during a sexy strip show or working that pole (the one in the club I mean, not your...), this is a great night and sure to be  a major highlight of your stag do.

Is there a better way to start a stag night than by laughing your butt off? I don’t think there is, and the Krater Comedy Club  will make sure that happens. This is a really cool club and I had bloody great evening here. They have a great selection of stand ups performing here, and have had many people you might recognise from the TV on their stage. What I thought was pretty cool was how they would also have some of the up-and-coming stand ups performing as well, so you’ll always see something new. They also serve some decent food here, so you have good laughs, good food and good times all in one place!

Next up, I have for you one of the best nightclubs that Brighton has to offer, which is called Pryzm. This is just everything you could want in a nightclub. You guys will have a great time here as they have different rooms to party in. In total there are six different rooms, three dancefloors, multiple bars to get booze and an all-round party atmosphere. To make things even more awesome and so you guys feel like some hotshots, you can get on the guest list so that you don’t have to stand outside freezing your balls off before the show.

How about a wee bit of gambling? Well, even if you’re not into this type of thing, a few hours at Rendezvous Casino is going to be fun. They have all kinds of games for you to play, such as black jack, slot machines, poker and many more. There are an incredible two floors of gaming fun to be had here. And for those who are not into gambling, they also have a bar and restaurant here so you can have a beer, burger and cheer your mates on. By cheering them on, hopefully if they win they will send a little cash your way. Hey, you’ll need all the money you can get – those strippers’ thongs are not going to stuff themselves.

If you want to go and party at a nightclub that’s also known for having some pretty cool bands playing, and is more than just a place to get wasted, Concorde2 is where you want to go. This is already a really cool bar with what are actually pretty cheap drinks (hey, I was as shocked as you are!), and they pride themselves on showcasing some of the more underground-type bands here. This may not be the kind of bar you stay at all night, but for me it was perfect to stay in for a couple of hours to catch a live show and then hit another club.

The most famous club in Brighton is Coalition. They have big club nights on all through the year and attract tonnes of people (mostly women!) who want to have a great time. They have celebrity DJ’s performing sets here all the time, and as a result it really has become the number one club in Brighton. Also the club is right on the sea front, and in the summer there’s nowhere better to puke your guts up than Brighton beach… I am talking from experience here as well.

The not so obvious places to go on a Brighton stag night

We have looked at the most popular places, now we will take a look at a few places that I think are really cool and will be perfect for your stag night in Brighton!

One bar that I will admit right away I was pretty much dragged to was Bar 76. But I actually had a great time here and on another trip to Brighton I made it a point to go there. This is just a really fun bar! They are all about getting as many people in as possible and making sure it’s a wild and fun time for everyone. The staff here were really cool and they were even up dancing on the bar at one point. It may not get the attention of the other big clubs and bars, but Bar 76 is a really awesome place that I highly recommend you check out.

I have another club for you: this one is a manly man’s dream. Bedrock Sports Bar is a pub, nightclub, place to eat and sports bar all in one. For a gang of mental lads this place is just heaven. They have a tonne of huge TV’s all over the place that show sport from all over the world! It may not be a club to spend your whole night in, but for a couple of rounds it’s well worth a visit.

There’s no drinking here (although you will need a few after it!), just blood curdling horror around every corner. Are you man enough, brave enough and do you have enough spare pairs of underwear to take the Brighton Ghost Walk? Holy crap is this scary!!! Now I am a huge horror fan so I knew I would get a kick out of this, but your guide is creepy as hell and the fact that these stories he is telling you are based on truth and that you are standing in genuinely haunted places really will make the hairs on your neck stand up! If you want your stag night to have something different, then this, my friends, is it!

Lastly I have another club, but for this club you will need to have Doc Brown bring around the Delorean, put on your Reebok Pumps, put your MC Hammer tape in your Walkman as you take a trip back in time to The Haunt! This is an awesome club and on weekends they have an 80’s and 90’s theme where they play all those classics you grew up with and people even get dressed up in their best 80’s gear. This is the kind of club you go into for just a few drinks, but end up still there hours and hours later.

 Need to know information for a stag night in Brighton!

Here I have for you a short guide about some of the things that you need to know about having a stag night here.

Fine dining In Brighton

For a really nice meal, head on down to Ginger Man (no not an actual bloke who is ginger), which is right near the seafront. This is the kind of place you go to before you are all wasted and acting like morons! You get a really nice slap-up dinner here, and to be honest the price for the kind of dining experience you are getting is very fair. 

 We like the groom… but not that much (dinner on a budget)

If you want to have a nice meal but don’t want to pay a lot for it then I recommend the Italian restaurant chain Bella Italia. They offer things like pizza, pasta and spaghetti and you get a lot of food for a good price. Also it’s way more laid back and you can have a fun time here and not feel out of place (like I always do!) in a more ‘posh’ restaurant.

Are there 24 hour taxi firms?

Actually yes, there are a few here in Brighton. One that I personally used and had no problems with was Brighton Taxis. They were very concerned that one of my friends looked sick... I think he was more worried that he was going to puke in his taxi to be honest, but he had a concerned look on his face none the less. 

 Oh crap, I’ve broken my leg! (what if i need an emergency room?)

If you do find you have got injured from your drunken antics then there is an A & E at Royal Sussex County Hospital. 

Live entertainment

Brighton has a number of places that have live bands and other forms of entertainment. The largest place, though, is The Brighton Centre. If there is a big band, comedy act or whatever doing a UK tour then this is the venue that they will play when they come to Brighton.

 A more relaxed thing to do

If you want a more relaxed stag night or just an hour or two to get a second wind then Smugglers is my place of choice. A great little secret for a Brighton stag night. They have some nice drinks, a chilled out atmosphere and even a bunch of pool tables as well.  Perfect.






Our Top Stag Night Ideas for Brighton

Bar Crawl

£ 14.99
Now what’s a stag do without a bar crawl? Just another ordinary party. Stay on top of the Brighton Bar Scene with the guidance and knowledge of our resident expert!
  • Reference: PR-11017
  • Min No: 10
  • Comedy Club

    £ 27.99
    What do you get when you combine a stag do, three great stand up comedians and one of the best comedy MC’s currently performing? A bloody great stag night in Brighton!
  • Reference: PR-10048
  • Lap Dancing

    £ 9.99
    Sensual Striptease, pole dancing and stage shows are waiting for you in the top Lap Dancing Club in Brighton...Set over 2 floors with full waitress service, Private Booths and open until 5am- What more could you want?
  • Reference: PR-2189
  • Nightclub - Oceana

    £ 14.99
    Every Stag night needs a great Nightclub and here in Brighton Oceana is the place to chat up the talent and generally to behave badly
  • Reference: PR-6555
  • Restaurant - Italian

    £ 17.99
    It would be crazy not to sort out some sort of meal before the Stag night revellery starts. This Italian restaurant will provide the basis for Stag Night survival
  • Reference: PR-10041
  • Restaurant - Tapas

    £ 20.99
    This restaurant offers great tapas from all over the Spanish speaking world. Perfect sharing food, Tapas is a great way to start the Stag Night and hit the Brighton Pubs just round the corner
  • Reference: PR-8944
  • Min No: 4
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